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Group Organizer Apps

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We all live, work, and play in groups. These apps can help get your group organized and communicating.

Cozi Family Organizer
It’s made for busy families, but any group could use this app’s shared calendar, shopping lists, journals, meal planning, and group to-do lists, all color-coded by user. Paid upgrades unlock more features. Free (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nook).

Create and use persistent chat rooms and share files within a group using this app (and, for US$2 per user per month, its Web-based back end). Invited guests of the group see only what the group chooses—great for showing progress to clients. Free (Android, iPhone).

Settle Up

o33mashup-book “All leaders reach points in their careers when what is required to be most effective changes. At these moments, your technical skills, no matter how superior, will not be enough. You need to exude leadership presence as well.”

— Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins, authors of Own the Room (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013)
Working on a project where multiple members of a group are buying things and splitting expenses? Have everyone track purchases in this app, which will calculate who owes what and to whom. Works with multiple currencies. Free (Android, iPhone).

When I Work
This schedule management platform lets bosses post and manage work schedules. Employees can check schedules, swap shifts, and request time off. Free (Android, iPhone); platform is US$15–US$99/month depending on the number of users. 

Multiple Streams


Now you’ve got an excuse for taking long showers. Listen to a playlist, a podcast, or an internet radio station on your smartphone while you’re in the shower with the Kohler Moxie. This Bluetooth speaker tucks unobtrusively into a 60-nozzle showerhead (choose from 2 and 2.5 gallon-per-minute models) and locks into place with a magnet. After your shower, pop out the Moxie and take it to the pool, the kitchen, or other places where water is on tap. Its lithium-ion battery plays for up to seven hours and recharges with the included USB cable. US$199.

What Drives Developers?

More than 450 software developers were asked what motivates their development work.


Source: Evans Data Corporation Developer Marketing Survey 2013

Mixtapes for Digital Media


Nostalgic for the days of mixtapes of songs? Sharetapes may be the answer. Looking like flat cassettes, Sharetapes let you share favorite online music and video. It works like this: You buy blank Sharetapes; create a playlist online (multiple sites, including YouTube, Spotify, and are supported); and link your playlist to a Sharetape unique code. Then give the Sharetape to a friend, who can scan its QR code, tap it on a near-field communication–enabled mobile phone or tablet, or go to to hear your playlist. AU$6.99 plus shipping for five Sharetapes.


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