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Data Warehousing Top Trends for 2013
Big data, cloud, and business intelligence are front-and-center topics for enterprise IT. Read how to prepare your data center for massive amounts of data and brand-new datatypes.

Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata: The Optimal Platform for Oracle Commerce
Traffic volume, customer demands for better experiences, and global margin pressures are driving many e-commerce–related technology decisions. Discover how Oracle Commerce, supported by Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata, provides an optimal solution for e-commerce.

Migrate from SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux: Guide for System Administrators
Learn how to perform day-to-day system administration tasks on Oracle Linux. Study real-life configuration examples that incorporate topics such as file system differences, boot-up sequence, setting up commonly used daemons, and package management.

MySQL and Hadoop: Guide to Big Data Integration
Download this guide to learn how integrating MySQL with Hadoop enables organizations to ask innovative new questions to gain deeper insight into their customers, partners, and business processes.

A Guide to MySQL for SaaS
Review key attributes for SaaS success— availability, performance, security, affordability, manageability, and easy integration—and learn about MySQL’s ability to enable vendors to handle these criteria and meet their service-level agreements.

Upgrade to Oracle Netra T4 Systems
Discover how telecommunications carriers are upgrading to Oracle’s Netra SPARC T4 servers to significantly increase performance, expand capacity within existing space and power constraints, and consolidate applications to dramatically reduce operational costs.


Fast Data—Turning High-Velocity Data into Value
Listen to Oracle experts define fast data and provide details on how it relates to big data; how companies can leverage fast data solutions in different industries; and how Oracle’s solutions enable faster data capture, analysis, and decision-making.

Architecting Business Continuity Essentials for Enterprise Applications
Discover how to maximize application and database service availability by incorporating redundancy, high availability, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery processes into your data center.

Performance Tuning Essentials for Enterprise Applications
Find out how to profile key characteristics of enterprise applications and how to architect your hardware system’s infrastructure to address throughput and end-user response time requirements.


“Integrated capture is really a step forward in database replication. . . . In classic capture the [Oracle] GoldenGate extractor process is responsible for reading the REDO logs, understanding the changes, parsing out all the DML and DDL operations. . . . It’s quite a bit of work. With integrated capture, all this activity is moved inside the database. This gives us a lot better performance and a lot more functionality.”
Rick Wagner, Oracle Director of Product Management, in “Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2 for Maximum Availability

Increase Performance and Agility with Oracle’s Data Center Fabric Solutions
Hear from S.K. Vinod, senior director of product management at Oracle, about how you can reduce infrastructure complexity by 70 percent and cut costs by 50 percent using Oracle Virtual Networking (formerly Xsigo). Learn how Oracle Fabric Interconnect provides dynamic network and storage connectivity to thousands of servers and see how to use Oracle SDN (Software Defined Networking) to connect any resource on the data center fabric quickly—without incurring downtime or requiring network reconfiguration.


Reduce Costs and Complexity with an Enterprise Database Cloud
Read business and technical white papers that explain how Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Database Cloud takes advantage of the Oracle SPARC SuperCluster engineered system and Oracle Database to provide a pretested, tuned, and documented solution for accelerating the move to a database cloud IT model.

Maximum Availability with Oracle GoldenGate
Access white papers, podcasts, Webcast replays, and more that will teach you about Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture; the automated conflict detection and resolution features of Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2; and the new integrated capture capabilities for Oracle Database.

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Oracle’s Sun Blades E-Book: Fast. Flexible. Cloud-Optimized.
Find out how Oracle’s acquisition of Xsigo, Oracle’s blade systems, and Oracle’s virtual networking solutions combine to offer an ideal platform for infrastructure as a service.

Unleash the Power of IT
Oracle’s optimized data center provides a unique roadmap for delivering IT services. Learn how to simplify systems, adopt more-efficient operational practices, deliver new services, protect key information, and maintain business continuity.


Making the Right Storage Choices
This 10-part podcast series examines the most-important elements to consider when making storage purchase or deployment decisions.

Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2 for Maximum Availability
Hear Nick Wagner from Oracle GoldenGate product management and Joe Meeks from Oracle Database product management discuss how to use Oracle GoldenGate for maximum availability.


Oracle Optimized Storage Lets You Do More
Find out how Oracle’s comprehensive storage solutions help you cope with data growth, offer rapid access to critical information, meet archiving compliance demands, and enable cost savings.

Oracle’s Sun x86 Systems: Delivering Integration, Innovation, and Lower TCO
Learn about the power of hardware and software integration in this infographic featuring Oracle’s x86 general purpose systems, Oracle VM, Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.


Oracle Hyperion Financial Management: Sustainability and Financial Reporting
Find out how to use Oracle Hyperion Financial Management to integrate sustainability reporting with financial reporting; manage sustainability reporting; deliver automated reporting; and ensure consistency, accuracy, and transparency. 

Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition

Spend three minutes to learn how Oracle’s MySQL Enterprise Edition reduces the risk, cost, and time required to develop, deploy, and manage business-critical MySQL applications.


Answering the Million Dollar Question with Oracle Endeca
Find out how you can leverage the insights of social media, product reviews, and third-party sources in your analytics using Oracle Endeca Information Discovery.

How to Download and Install VirtualBox (on Windows)
Lenz Grimmer, senior product manager of Oracle Linux, explains how to import the Oracle Linux 6 virtual appliance into Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Building a Virtual Appliance with Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle VM VirtualBox
Learn how to build a virtual appliance with Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Developing Oracle Tuxedo 12c Applications Using Solaris Studio
This video demonstrates a step-by-step approach to using Oracle Solaris Studio to develop Oracle Tuxedo applications using ATMI and SCA programming models.

Security Principles for Monitoring and Patching with Oracle Platinum Services
Learn how Oracle Platinum Services keeps your environment and information secure during monitoring and patching.

Oracle Server Support Advantage
See how Oracle provides an integrated server support experience resulting in higher system availability and higher value from your investment.


Oracle Cloud Training
Support your organization’s cloud transformation with training from Oracle University.

Oracle Fusion Applications Training—Now Available On Demand
Get complete classroom training featuring top instructors and access to hands-on labs from your desktop with Oracle Fusion Applications training on demand.


Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse Now on Facebook
Learn about tools that make it easier to develop applications utilizing specific Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies and Oracle Database.


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