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COMMENT: Time Capsule


Time Capsule




Richard M. Nixon was President of the United States. Aldrin and Armstrong landed on the moon. And in Columbus, Ohio, Compu-Serv Network started renting time on its DEC PDP-10 midrange computer.



Starting a Thread

Started by a pair of Duke University graduate students and still in widespread use today, Usenet allows users to read and post threaded messages to newsgroups organized into hierarchies of subjects.



Dial-up Online Services

With CompuServe leading the way, dial-up online services in the ’80s included Prodigy (1984); General Electric’s GEnie (1985); and Quantum Computer Services (1985). Quantum doesn’t ring a bell? In 1989, Quantum launched a service called America Online. These early online services connected communities and enabled conversations.



You’ve Got Mail

“The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.”

—Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) in an e-mail to Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), You’ve Got Mail, Warner Bros., 1998





Remember user-generated content? As a “user” of the World Wide Web, you can now generate your own content on weblog platforms LiveJournal and Blogger; WordPress joins them four years later. 

Then: What’s a weblog?

Now: Hey, I read your blog post, and I completely disagree….



Media Gets Social

Were the 2000s the social media decade? 

Friendster (2002)
MySpace (2003)
LinkedIn (2003)
Digg (2004)
Facebook (2004)
Twitter (2006)
Tumblr (2007)
and more debut.




Cloud Collaboration

Launched during Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Social Network is a secure enterprise social network that connects business processes, enterprise applications, and content in Oracle Cloud.


The first social network I joined was        in the year       

We asked our Facebook fans, and here are the most popular social network firsts:





Java Tweets

With Java at its core, Twitter supports more than 400 million Tweets per day #performance

—Tweet via @java; article via Java Magazine at


Your Turn

 Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Will today’s social media network powerhouses become tomorrow’s Prodigy? Tell us what you think the future of social media holds in store. Visit Facebook/OracleMagazine and let us know.



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