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September/October 2013

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Happenings in Oracle Technology Network

by Roland Smart

Oracle Discussion Forums: New Tools, New Communities

More than 2.5 million conversations and messages have been published on Oracle Discussion Forums to date. You won’t find another place where Oracle users, developers, product managers, and community managers are interacting with each other on such a large scale.

And now, as of June 2013, the forums are even better. You can instantly subscribe to individual threads and authors, and reply to threads via e-mail. In addition, new profile badges allow you to more easily find and connect with active forum members and communities, including Oracle Technology Network’s growing cadre of Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors.

OS Evaluation

More and more Oracle Technology Network members are using virtualization as their go-to method for evaluating operating systems. And for good reason: this approach offers maximum flexibility and workflow efficiency, because it allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single machine and compare them side by side.

A great how-to series of articles from Oracle Technology Network member and software developer Yuli Vasiliev explores the many different options for installing and customizing Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux from inside Oracle VM VirtualBox. In “Evaluating Oracle Solaris 11 from Inside Oracle VM VirtualBox” and “Evaluating Oracle Linux from Inside Oracle VM VirtualBox” you will learn how to manage users and user privileges; configure and switch between networking modes; assign unique IP addresses to each virtual image (in the case of Oracle Linux); set up guest applications and guest device drivers; and test preinstalled Oracle products via handy VM appliances.

An Innovation Roadmap for Service-Oriented Architecture

In a November/December 2012 Oracle Magazine article (“Architects Matter”), Bob Rhubart, manager of Oracle Technology Network’s architect community, identified one of the defining talents of effective solution architects—namely, their ability to turn “information into a cohesive strategy that spans a company’s IT infrastructure and forms the design basis for a reliable platform that satisfies IT and business stakeholders.”

Rhubart’s article raised some excellent questions and inspired some more. How do you make technology systems resilient over the long term? And how do you ensure that they scale efficiently when you don’t have a complete picture of what your IT and business needs will be 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years from now?

A new 13-part article series, entitled Industrial SOA, provides an excellent innovation playbook for those looking to build lasting architectures. Written collaboratively by a group of recognized experts and community leaders in service-oriented architecture (SOA), the collection discusses the future of SOA security; the intersections of service orientation and cloud computing; and the rise of complex event processing, among other topics. 

Eloqua’s Road to Revenue Tour 2013

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Roland Smart is vice president of social and community marketing at Oracle.

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