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Brain Entrainment Apps


If you sell something, you create a customer today. But when you help someone—especially without expectation of immediate return—you can create a customer for life.
Jay Baer,
author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype (Penguin Group, 2013)
Just listening to the sounds provided by these apps may help you sleep better, concentrate better, be more creative, and relieve stress.


Binaural Beats
Use the simple interface of this app to customize your listening experience for focus or relaxation. Sliding bars enable you to adjust the frequency delta and the base tone to create your unique beat. You can perform other tasks on your device while you are focused and alert. Free (iPhone).

eBrainWave Entrainment
Choose your music, ambient noise, and brain wave frequency to create the perfect combination of sound and reach your desired state of mind. This app promotes memory stimulation, focused attention, and an energized body. US$0.99 (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad).

Brain Hack 2.0
This app has 11 different options for states of mind, including alertness, confidence, creativity, high focus, and stress release. Choose your session time and settle in; the sound will stop automatically after whatever duration you choose. US$2.99 (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad).

AmbiScience Pure Sleep Premium

Percentage of businesspeople who think analytics will become more important to their organizations over the next three years. Deloitte surveyed representatives of more than 75 companies in North America, the UK, and Asia. (Source: Deloitte, The Analytics Advantage)

Designed specifically to help you fall asleep, this app offers music tracks, entertainment tracks, and nature loops. Create a variety of combinations and see which one soothes you the most. US$1.99 (Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad).



With the Holga Lens Filter and Case Kit from HolgaDirect, your friends will think you’ve grafted an old-style analog dialer to your smartphone. In fact, this protective case includes high-quality lenses for your device’s camera on its lens selector dial. (Models for Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Sony phones are available.) Choose from nine different lenses—including color filters, a macro lens, and special effects lenses. There’s also an empty slot for those instances when reality is good enough.

US$14.99–$29.99, depending on phone model.

Analytics’ Biggest Benefit: Better Decision-Making

Nearly half of companies say the greatest benefit of using data analytics is that it enables better decision-making. Representatives of more than 75 companies across various industry sectors in North America, the UK, and Asia were surveyed.


Measure the Unseen


Your phone’s camera captures things you can see, but what about the things you can’t see? For that you need Lapka. With its four stylish sensors, Lapka turns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a “personal environment monitor.” With it you can measure radiation, electromagnetic fields, and relative humidity in your surroundings, along with nitrates in fresh produce (which can indicate use of synthetic fertilizers). The app then helps you analyze, track, and share your exposure to these unseen forces. US$249.



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