2013 Issues

November/December 2013

Cover Story: Engineering as a Service; Features: Record-Breaking; The Business of Growing
Technology: The Next Big Wave (Nimphius); Integrate and Analyze (Mark Rittman); Automatic Data Optimization (Nanda); SQL in Pl/SQL Enhancements (Feuerstein); On Oracle Database 12c, Part 2 (Kyte)

September/October 2013

Cover Story: Plug into the Cloud; Features: Get Ready; Faster
Technology: Many in One (Nanda); Pl/SQL Enhancements (Feuerstein); On Oracle Database 12c (Kyte)

July/August 2013

Cover Story: Blazing Performance; Feature: Grow up, Branch Out
Technology: Build Your Own (Nimphius); On Randomness, Syntax, and Mutation (Kyte); Pivotal Access to Your Data: Analytic Functions, Concluded (Caffrey)

May/June 2013

Cover Story: Engineering for Heroes; Feature: Integrate and Mobilize
Technology: Calling Home (Nimphius); New Spaces for BI (Rittman); On Efficiency, Avoidance, and Performance(Kyte); Leading Ranks and Lagging Percentages: Analytic Functions, Continued (Caffrey)

March/April 2013

Cover Story: Utility Computing in the Cloud; Feature: Banking on a Private Cloud
Technology: Catch Me If You Can (Nimphius); Working with Cursors (Feuerstein); On Becoming Others, Limits, and Restoration (Kyte); A Window into the World of Analytic Functions (Caffrey)

January/February 2013

Cover Story: Oracle Excellence Awards; Features: SPARC at 25, Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata X3
Technology: Wrap Your Code in a Neat Package (Feuerstein); Beginning Performance Tuning: Active Session History (Nanda); On Promotion, Restriction, and Data Loading (Kyte); Having Sums, Averages, and Other Grouped Data (Caffrey)


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