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January/February 2014

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Happenings in Oracle Technology Network

by Roland Smart

An Architectural Record: Subscribe to the New ArchBeat YouTube Channel

Solution architects are taking part in a new conversation platform: the ArchBeat YouTube channel, which features in-depth discussions with Oracle community leaders and subject matter experts focusing on middleware, business intelligence, enterprise management, and other topics of interest to architects and those who aspire to that role.

You’ll find all of these video chats, hosted by Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart, at If you’re interested in doing an ArchBeat interview (virtually or in person), connect with Rhubart via social: post a comment on the YouTube channel or tweet @OTNArchBeat.

Oracle at SXSW Interactive

OTN will be giving a feature presentation at SXSW Interactive this March. The team is excited to be sharing the stage with a number of inspiring speakers, including leading technologists and engineers from NASA, the MIT Media Lab, and IDEO.

OTN’s talk will explore how language design affects technology adoption and enterprise collaboration. If you’re a software maker, chances are that you’ve thought about key behind-the-scenes factors such as resource management and structural partitioning. However, the actual customer experience is just as important: your front-end design and the language you choose to weave into your interfaces will make or break your products and technologies.

Get a sneak peek at the presentation slides, notes, and resources at

Powering the Internet of Things: Download Java ME Today

Billions of mobile devices, microcontrollers, sensors, and gateways make up the nervous system of modern enterprise communications. And billions of these embedded objects and their applications depend on the same foundation: Java.

Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) provides a complete environment for applications running on mobile and embedded. Java ME includes robust security, built-in network protocols, and base configurations that support a wide range of devices and business use cases—everything from home automation systems and energy smart meters to industrial controllers and set-top boxes.

Download the most-recent Java ME binaries and software development kits at

Two Oracle Systems Experts Have a Friendly Debate

Renato Ribeiro, director of SPARC product management at Oracle, and Michael Palmeter, senior director of Oracle Solaris product management, enjoy a good duel. In a new video series, OTN Systems Community Manager Rick Ramsey poses two questions to them: Is the hardware or software more important to system performance? And, Is horizontal or vertical scalability better?

As you might guess, there is no one right answer to these questions. If anything, Ribeiro and Palmeter’s insights make it clear that integration and context are everything in IT: software and hardware design must occur in concert, and designing for the highest levels of scalability is a matter of understanding your own organization’s unique IT challenges.

Watch the interviews at and

Roland Smart is vice president of social and community marketing at Oracle.

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