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When companies launch innovation initiatives, they typically allot almost all of their time and energy to . . . the thrilling hunt for the breakthrough idea. The real innovation challenge . . . lies in a long, hard journey—from imagination to impact.
Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble,
authors of Beyond the Idea (St. Martin’s Press, 2013)

Privacy Apps

Are privacy worries affecting how you use your mobile device? These apps will help keep things private in public.


Data Guard
Lock down selected pictures, contacts, and notes—but not your whole device—with Data Guard. The app logs attempts to get into your stuff, and snaps a photo of who’s trying to break in. US$0.99 (iPhone).

Privacy Filter
Prying eyes looking at your screen? Privacy Filter blocks side views—even on new larger screens—and can also darken the screen for discreet nighttime viewing. US$1.99 (Android).

Private WiFi
This app gives your mobile device a personal VPN at any WiFi hotspot, even unsecured ones. Private WiFi also masks your IP address and location. Free with a three-day trial, then US$10 per month or less (iPhone; Android under development).

Want a second phone number—but not a second phone—for online forms, selling stuff online, or even online dating? Get a Funber to send and receive calls and texts. Free with a three-day trial, then US$10–$15 per month (iPhone, Android).


Execs Fear BYOD

71 percent of IT and security pros say their business leaders view employee use of personal mobile devices for work as potentially dangerous, costly, and not business critical. More than 1,600 people participated in the survey.

Source: Dimension Data Secure Mobility Survey Report


I Fold

Increase your productivity on your Android phone by adding an external keyboard. The One2Touch Softpad S1 folds in half for portability; unfolded, it’s as big as a 13-inch laptop keyboard. It uses near field communication to automatically pair with your phone and uses less power (meaning longer battery life) than Bluetooth keyboards. US$99.



What’s Outsourced?

IT leaders are more than twice as willing to outsource e-mail as they are to outsource mobile apps, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, finance, or telecom. Nearly 450 CIOs, IT directors, VPs of IT, and senior IT managers in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States were surveyed.


Source: Savvis Global IT Leadership Report   

Mobile Sound

If you spend a lot of time in your mobile office (some call it a car), keep your phone calls and conference calls professional sounding with the speeCup. This Bluetooth wireless speaker fits in a cup holder and functions as a speakerphone, plays music, and is voice- and gesture-controlled. It features an integrated noise-canceling microphone and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and comes in black, white, or red. US$129.95.



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