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Your Blueprint to Database as a Service
Hear from analysts and experts how companies are beginning to transform themselves with database as a service.

Switch from Red Hat to Oracle Linux in Minutes
Discover the why and how of switching to Oracle Linux and industry-leading Linux management and high-availability tools.

Introducing Oracle’s Highest-Performing System: The M6 Big Memory Machine
Learn what game-changing benefits in-memory computing brings to business-critical databases and applications.

What’s New: Features and Workflows in MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.9
Learn how to back up remotely, how to back up and restore to create replicas, and how to use backup for moving very large tables.

Developing JavaScript Applications for Node.js with MySQL and NoSQL
Get started building highly scalable, event-driven web, mobile, and social applications.

Tuning MySQL: The Fundamentals, Updated for MySQL 5.6
Walk through the basics of tuning your product’s embedded or bundled MySQL database for higher performance.

Launch Webcast: Introducing Oracle Integration Products
Watch Oracle integration experts introduce Oracle Data Integrator 12c and Oracle GoldenGate 12c.

The SPARC M6-32 server and Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 fundamentally change data center economics. With our big memory machines you can run huge databases and applications in memory to accelerate performance 10 or 20 times and experience mainframe-like reliability without paying the high premiums built into other vendors’ high-end systems.
John Fowler,
Executive Vice President of Systems at Oracle in “Introducing Oracle’s Highest-Performing System: The M6 Big Memory Machine


Oracle OpenWorld Highlights
Watch keynote and highlight videos plus general sessions and executive interviews from Oracle OpenWorld 2013, MySQL Connect, JavaOne, and executive and Oracle Partner conferences.

Oracle Platinum Services: Success with Engineered Systems
Accenture Global Head of Database Management Julian Dontcheff discusses Accenture’s investment in and commitment to Oracle engineered systems and Oracle Platinum Services.

The Internet of Things: Managing the Complexity
Prepare to manage the complexity of the Internet of Things, from sensors and big data to gateways, security, the data center, and the cloud.


Real-Time MySQL Performance and Availability Monitoring
Learn how to manage the overall performance and health of your MySQL servers.

Remotely Monitor MySQL in the Cloud
Discover how to remotely monitor MySQL servers in the cloud without remote agents.


Securing Oracle Database 12c
Register for a complimentary e-book and learn about Oracle Database security from the experts.

The Heroes Among Us
Read profiles of five real-world IT heroes who demonstrate their value to their organizations and the industry at large.

Engineered for Extreme Performance
Download a quick-reference guide to Oracle’s engineered systems that includes customer videos and information on what each system does.

Oracle SPARC M6-32 Server: Highest Performance and Best Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability in a Single Server
Learn how to manage mission-critical enterprise applications with Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 server.

Superior Performance for Better Business Results
Complex, aging, and poorly integrated IT infrastructures impede productivity. Learn how to get better business results. Discover the power of running Oracle applications on Oracle systems.


Optimizing Oracle Database Performance on Oracle Linux with Flash
Discover how to deploy Oracle’s Sun Flash Accelerator hardware on Oracle Linux with Oracle Database’s Smart Flash Cache component.

MySQL Workbench: Database Design. Development. Administration. Migration.
Find out why MySQL Workbench can be an indispensable aid to managing the complex data management infrastructure of a dynamic and growing business.

The Advantages of Oracle Coherence on Oracle Exalogic
Read an overview of Oracle Coherence and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and learn how to use them together.

Oracle’s Internet of Things Platform for a Connected World
With more than 50 billion connected, intelligent devices expected by 2025, businesses are seeking ways to manage the data they’ll produce to unlock real business value.

Consolidation Using the High-End SPARC M6-32 Server
Learn why Oracle’s new SPARC M6-32 server is an ideal consolidation platform, combining the scalability, manageability, and high availability needed for deploying many mission-critical applications.

Mission-Critical C/C++/COBOL Applications with Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Tuxedo
Discover native capabilities to maximize throughput, minimize latency, and drive higher availability through clustering.

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New Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database Integration White Papers
Oracle WebLogic Server’s Active GridLink for RAC feature provides intelligent integration between the server and Oracle Database. These white papers provide use cases, technical insights, and value propositions about this integration as well as detailed content on Oracle customer NEC.


Oracle’s SPARC Runner Interactive Game
Help the SPARC Runner accelerate performance, increase speed, and consolidate multiple legacy systems with the latest SPARC servers.


Oracle’s SPARC M6-32: The Next Generation of Oracle’s SPARC Servers
Discover how Oracle’s new SPARC M6-32 server can help you improve remote access service, accelerate business processing, and reduce cost.

Oracle Systems: The Best Platform for Oracle Database 12c
Find out why Oracle Database 12c running on Oracle Solaris 11—and Oracle’s SPARC servers— is faster, smarter, and more scalable than ever.

Oracle Systems: The Best Platform for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management
Learn how to increase productivity by running Oracle’s PeopleSoft solutions on Oracle systems.


Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 Quick Overview
Hear Oracle product management describe the key features and benefits of Oracle’s SPARC M6-32 server.

Camping with Mobile Business Intelligence
Learn how mobile business intelligence can go anywhere you go, even camping.

Nick Wagner and Robert Freeman on Oracle GoldenGate
Oracle GoldenGate Director of Product Management Nick Wagner and Oracle Master Principal Database Expert Robert Freeman discuss Oracle GoldenGate.


Oracle Database 12c Training Now Available
Explore training and certification for Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle Cloud Overview
Experts from Oracle present the essential concepts of cloud computing and introduce the key Oracle services for the cloud.

Oracle Big Data Overview
Discover the key products in Oracle’s big data platform and learn their business implications.

Oracle WebLogic Server Training
Learn how to leverage the world’s #1 application server.

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