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March/April 2014

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Engineered Examination

By Tom Haunert


Have you seen these Oracle engineered systems? How often? Where?

Just over five years ago, the January/February 2009 issue of Oracle Magazine was the first to feature Oracle Exadata Database Machine on the cover and in a customer feature story. While Oracle’s hardware and engineered systems history began in 2008, Oracle Exadata was only the first of many Oracle engineered systems. And although Oracle Magazine’s “coverage” began in 2009—after interior news stories in the November/December 2008 issue—that January/February 2009 customer cover story was only the first of many stories about Oracle customers using Oracle Exadata and other Oracle engineered systems. Oracle Magazine has also continued to feature engineered systems release news, and this issue’s cover spotlights three updates (as of January 1, 2014) to the Oracle engineered systems family—the latest releases of Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic, and Oracle Big Data Appliance.

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To celebrate the Oracle Exadata cover anniversary, in the spirit of social media interactivity and our expanded digital magazine distribution, I thought it would be interesting to ask you—rather than tell you—about Oracle Exadata, other Oracle engineered systems, and Oracle Magazine’s coverage of them. So here’s my first-ever “From the Editor” quiz.

If you’re looking at the printed magazine or a digital print replica, the answers are upside down at the bottom of this page. If you’re looking at the magazine on the iPad in portrait/interactive mode or on, the answers will be hidden until you tap or click to see them.

Ready for the quiz? (Note: The time frame for these questions is as of January 1, 2014.) Cursors ready, good luck, and . . . begin.

How many different Oracle engineered systems are available?

What is the newest—first-generation—Oracle engineered system?

What generation is the latest Oracle Exadata release ?

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How many Oracle Magazine covers have featured Oracle engineered systems? 

a.  3
b.  4
c.  5
d. More than 5

From January/February 2009 through March/April 2014, how many organizations that use Oracle engineered systems have been featured in the pages of Oracle Magazine?

a. 3 to 7
b. 8 to 15
c. 16 to 20
d. More than 20

How are Oracle customers using Oracle engineered systems?

a. In public cloud services, including Oracle Cloud (
b. In private clouds
c. In hybrid clouds
d. For consolidation
e. For data warehousing
f.  For online transaction processing
g. For business analytics
h. For big data
i.  For general-purpose computing
j. All of the above 

Thanks for taking the quiz. How did you do?

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Tom Haunert, Editor in Chief



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