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2015 Issues

December 2015

Special Report: The Undisputed Database Champ

November/December 2015

Cover Story: It's in Our DNA
Technology: API-First: Build APIs with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (Muir); Create a Data Reservoir with Oracle GoldenGate (Rittman); All Aboard the SQL*Loader Express (McDonald); Nullify the NULL (Feuerstein); Enhancements to Optimizer Statistics (Mukundan)

September/October 2015

Cover Story: Integrate to Innovate
Technology: Add Data Visualization and Discovery (Rittman); Test Your Oracle Database 12c PL/SQL Knowledge (Feuerstein); Quick Iterative Development (Kallman); Unify Auditing (Nanda); The Modern Command Line (Smith); Optimize Execution Plans (Mukundan)

July/August 2015

Cover Story: The Platform for All
Technology: Add Services with a Smile (Muir); Beginning Performance Tuning: Trace Your Steps (Nanda); On Cursors, Context, Switches, and Mistakes (Feuerstein); On Learning from Mistakes (Kyte)

May/June 2015

Cover Story: Guard the Crown Jewels
Technology: Get Mobile and Connected (Muir); Upload, Model, Analyze, and Report (Rittman); Dynamically Dangerous Code (Feuerstein); On More-Secure Applications (Kyte)

March/April 2015

Cover Story: Extreme Engineering
Technology: Design Responsively (Nimphius); Recover One (Nanda); Four Resolutions for Better Code (Feuerstein); On SQL, SQL, and More SQL (Kyte)

January/February 2015

Cover Story: Security in Person
Technology: In-Memory Analytics Speeds Business Intelligence (Rittman); Run with JSON (Nanda); When Packages Need to Lose Weight (Feuerstein); On Oracle Database In-Memory (Kyte); Manage the Information Lifecycle (Mukundan)

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