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2016 Issues

November/December 2016

Cover Story: Your Move
Technology: Become a Mobile Oracle JET Setter (Muir); The Power of Cloud PL/SQL (Feuerstein); JSON in Motion (Nanda); Open for Exchange (McDonald); Defining, Constraining, and Manipulating Your Entities (Caffrey)

September/October 2016

Cover Story: Cloud Launchpad
Technology: Empowering the Mobile Citizen Developer (Muir); The Magic of PL/SQL (Feuerstein); Social Network Analysis (Rittman); Tighter PL/SQL and SQL Integration (McDonald); Changing and Creating Consistently with Integrity (Caffrey)

July/August 2016

Cover Story: AI
Technology: Analyzing What Matters (Muir); Operate on Collections (Feuerstein); Big Table Caching (Nanda); Express Lane Development (Kallman); Write in a Read-Only Database (McDonald); Manipulate, Commit, and Take Back: How Change Occurs (Caffrey)

July 2016

Special Report: Cloud to the Core

May/June 2016

Cover Story: Mobile is Here
Technology: Good Design Avoids the Virtual Keyboard (Nimphius); Go Native with Apple iOS (Muir); Improved Defaults in Oracle Database 12c (McDonald); Setting Yourself Up for Selective Results (Caffrey); Object-Oriented PL/SQL (Feuerstein); Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate (Goodman)

April 2016

Special Report: Run Oracle Cloud in Your Data Center

March/April 2016

Cover Story: The New Infrastructure
Technology: Prepare, Secure, and Publish (Rittman); Lock It Down (Nanda); A Fresh Look at Auditing Row Changes (McDonald); Achieve Winning Combinations with Joins and Subqueries (Caffrey); PL/SQL Surprises (Feuerstein)

January/February 2016

Cover Story: Security at Every Level
Technology: Custom Preferences Screens (Nimphius); Offloading Mobile Storage (Muir); Assume the Best; Plan for the Worst (McDonald); United Relations: Accessing More Than One Table at Once (Caffrey); Take the Transaction Test (Feuerstein)