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2017 Issues

July/August 2017

Cover Story: Great Integrations
Technology: Maps Within Reach (Muir); Asynchronous Processing in Node.js (McGhan); Meta-Access and Repetitive Composition (Caffrey); Fine-Tune Privilege Management (Feuerstein); Excellent Extensions (McDonald)

May/June 2017
Cover Story: The Business of Things
Technology: Fail Fast, Fail Often (Muir); Change Happens (Carter); The Cost of Data Retrieval (Caffrey); Low-Code and On-Device (Shmeltzer); Easy Master/Detail (Kallman)

March/April 2017
Cover Story: Extend and Integrate
Technology: Extending Mobile Apps (Muir); Get Up to Speed with DBMS_SQL (Feuerstein); Better Tools for Better Data (McDonald); Rapid Retrieval of Rows in Small Data Sets (Caffrey); High on Power, Low on Code (Shmeltzer); See Better Results (Kallman); Open for Development (Tuininga); Automatic REST (Smith);

January/February 2017
Cover Story: Open for Developers
Technology: Too Much of a Good Thing? (Muir); Tell the Story (Rittman); Long and Overflowing (McDonald); Powerful Impact Analysis (Feuerstein); Sequential Additions and Difference Points of View (Caffrey)