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May/June 2016 Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate Test your Oracle Database 12c skills.
November/December 2015 Enhancements to Optimizer Statistics Test your knowledge of enhancements to statistics gathering and new types of histograms in Oracle Database 12c.
September/October 2015 Optimize Execution Plans Test your knowledge of SQL Plan Management in Oracle Database 12c.
January/February 2015 Manage the Information Lifecycle Use Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization in Oracle Database 12c to take your data’s temperature and manage storage efficiently.
November/December 2014 Multitenant Database Management Manage users, roles, privileges, and resources in container databases and pluggable databases.
September/October 2014 Basics of the Multitenant Container Database Consolidate multiple databases with Oracle Database 12c.
November/December 2011 Certify Your Expertise Test your Oracle WebLogic Server mettle, and gain valuable credibility.
November/December 2010 The New Master Introducing the Oracle Certified Master credential for Oracle Database 11g.
November/December 2009 Tune It Up New features in Oracle Database 11g improve and speed SQL tuning.
May/June 2009 More New PL/SQL Features Improve performance in Oracle Database 11g with new PL/SQL features.
March/April 2009 Improving PL/SQL Improve performance in Oracle Database 11g with new PL/SQL features.
January/February 2009 Managing Database Resources New features in Oracle Database 11g help you assess performance and limit I/O usage.
November/December 2008 New Ways to Flash Back Reverse transactions and track historical changes in Oracle Database 11g.
September/October 2008 More Ways to Flash Back Query history and recover from corruptions with Oracle Flashback technology.
July/August 2008 Using Database Advisors Get advice on key management challenges and improve performance in Oracle Database 11g.
May/June 2008 Back Up and Recover New backup and recovery features in Oracle Database 11g save time and data.
March/April 2008 Upgrading Manageability Concepts and sample questions for OCP upgrade certification to Oracle Database 11g.
January/February 2008 Become a Certified Expert Oracle University offers Oracle Expert certification in Oracle Real Application Clusters.
November/December 2006 Testing Database Security Questions and answers on securing your Oracle database by using FGA and VPD
September/October 2006 Become a Master Step up from Oracle Certified Professional to Oracle Certified Master.
July/August 2006 Managing Certificates Questions and answers on managing and using certificates and wallets
May/June 2006 Managing Oracle Portal Questions and answers on configuring and administering Oracle Portal
January/February 2006 New Features for Oracle8i OCPs Upgrade from Oracle8i OCP to Oracle Database 10g OCP in one exam.
November/December 2005 Tuning Oracle9i on Linux Questions and answers about managing Oracle9i on Linux
September/October 2005 Surveying Diagnostics Tools in Oracle Database 10g store diagnostic information and provide answers.
July/August 2005 Efficient Space Management Concepts of and sample questions on space usage
May/June 2005 New Ways to Flash Back More Oracle Flashback concepts and sample questions
March/April 2005 Flashback for OCPs More concepts and sample questions for OCP certification
January/February 2005 More New Features for OCPs Concepts and sample questions for Oracle Database 10g OCP upgrade certification
November/December 2004 New Features for OCPs Concepts and sample questions for OCP upgrade certification