Oracle Magazine Flashback Articles
Pub Date
November/December 2008 New Ways to Flash Back Reverse transactions and track historical changes in Oracle Database 11g.
September/October 2008 More Ways to Flash Back Query history and recover from corruptions with Oracle Flashback technology.
July/August 2008 Managing History Oracle Total Recall enables users to find, track, and use past and present information.
November/December 2006 Restore to the Point Use named points in time to roll your database back by using flashback technology.
May/June 2005 New Ways to Flash Back More Oracle Flashback concepts and sample questions
March/April 2005 Flashback for OCPs More concepts and sample questions for OCP certification
May/June 2004 Flash Back to a Better Time Restore a table or an entire database to a point in the past, using a simple SQL statement.