Oracle Magazine Developer: Frameworks Columns

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July/August 2010 Compelling Dialog Call bounded task flows as inline pop-ups.
May/June 2010 Libraries You Can Depend On Modularize your applications by using Oracle Application Development Framework libraries.
March/April 2010 Embracing Extends Simplifying development via inheritance.
January/February 2010 The Route to Success Use task flow routers for conditional navigation.
November/December 2009 One Smart Combo Let end users choose, search for, or manually enter valid values.
September/October 2009 At the Breaking Point Debug more effectively with Oracle Application Development Framework.
July/August 2009 Targets, Accessors, and Trees Hierarchical data displays are simple with Oracle Application Development Framework.
May/June 2009 Extending a Helping Hand Add custom features to improve team productivity.
March/April 2009 A Ride at the OK (or Cancel) Corral Configure nested transactions using Oracle ADF task flows.
January/February 2009 Easier Interactive Data Entry Improve the end-user experience with declarative LOVs and automatic partial page refresh.
November/December 2008 Developing a Regional Accent Use task flows as regions to improve UI reuse.
September/October 2008 Task and You Shall Receive Visually assemble applications from reusable task flows.
July/August 2008 A Home for Your Chrome Easily enforce consistent look and feel with page templates.
May/June 2008 Enlightened Development Simplifying common navigation and coding tasks.
March/April 2008 Declarative Data Filtering Define multiple query expressions and build search forms with ease.
January/February 2008 Services with a Smile Create data-centric Web services for SOA development in minutes.
November/December 2007 Enhanced Calculation and Validation Do even more in Oracle Application Development Framework 11g┬Świthout code.
September/October 2007 Defining a Cascading List of Value Setting up LOVs is easier than ever with Oracle JDeveloper 11g.
July/August 2007 Producing Parameterized Pages Use HTTP request parameters to retrieve rows to view and edit.
May/June 2007 Beyond Declarative Validation Implement more-complex business logic using Java.
March/April 2007 Breaking Out of the Browser Simplify your Java desktop applications by using Oracle ADF Swing.
January/February 2007 Modeling Tables and Components Maintain your data-centric business services with visual diagrams.
November/December 2006 Jump-Start J2EE Development Finish development faster with Oracle JHeadstart.
September/October 2006 Harnessing the Active Data Model Going beyond basic data access with custom service methods
July/August 2006 A New Face on the Block Oracle ADF offers new JSF support and enhanced, visual, declarative development.
May/June 2006 Tuning Your View Objects What you don't know can hurt your application's performance.
March/April 2006 Using Bind Variables Ensure maximum query performance┬Śnow and in the future.
January/February 2006 Appreciating the Entity Object Declare and configure Oracle ADF entity objects instead of hand-coding Java.
November/December 2005 Working with Master/Detail Data Navigating, joining, and presenting related data in an easier way
September/October 2005 Creating Search Pages Help users find what they're looking for.
July/August 2005 Browsing and Editing Data Drag and drop your way to the Web.
May/June 2005 Working with Data Using Oracle ADF to query, update, and publish data
March/April 2005 Starting with Oracle ADF Understanding the basics of application organization
January/February 2005 Forms Functionality in J2EE Leverage your Oracle Forms skills in J2EE frameworks.