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September/October 2011 Distinctive Database Development Use Entity Framework with Oracle Data Provider for .NET.
May/June 2010 Time for a .NET Tune-Up Tune your .NET application’s use of Oracle Database with Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio.
September/October 2009 Put Your Arrays in a Bind Use array binding to reduce network round-trips and increase performance.
May/June 2009 The Right Transaction Choose the ODP.NET transaction type that fits your business rules.
November/December 2008 Instant ODP.NET Deployment Deploy ODP.NET applications instantly with Oracle Data Access Components.
September/October 2008 Customize the Experience Use the built-in capabilities of ODP.NET to provide globalization and personalization.
July/August 2008 Cache Paybacks Put performance in your pocket with the client result cache.
January/February 2007 Using PL/SQL Associative Arrays Debug PL/SQL in Microsoft Visual Studio with Oracle Developer Tools.
September/October 2006 Debugging PL/SQL from .NET Bring the power of PL/SQL stored procedures to ODP.NET.
July/August 2006 Improve ODP.NET Performance Take advantage of connection pooling, fetch size controls, and statement caching.
May/June 2006 Following the Changes, Part Two Use database change notification with ODP.NET and Oracle Database 10g Release 2.
March/April 2006 Following the Changes, Part One Use database change notification with ODP.NET and Oracle Database 10g Release 2.
January/February 2006 Cursor In, Cursor Out The easy way to send a ref cursor to PL/SQL with ODP.NET and Oracle Database 10g Release 2.
November/December 2005 Serving Winning LOBs New features in ODP.NET make it easier than ever to handle LOBs.
September/October 2005 The Values That Bind Improve performance in .NET applications with bind variables and ODP.NET.