2010 Issues

November/December 2010

Cover Story: Editors’ Choice Awards 2010: Delivering Innovation; Features: Conference Wrap-Up; Intelligence in Action
Technology: Customize Your Application Layout (Weaver); Build Web 2.0 Applications Declaratively (Peake); Managing Audit Trails (Nanda); The New Master (Jagannath and Bhandi); On Consistent Results, Different Constraints, and Unlearning (Kyte)

September/October 2010

Cover Story: Exadata at Work; Features: Secure in the Knowledge; Focusing IT on Business
Technology: Zoom In on Your Code (Feuerstein); Using Oracle Essbase Release 11.1.2 Aggregate Storage Option Databases (Rittman and Janakiraman); User-Built Applications (Peake); Building on Storage (Nanda); On Popularity, Learning, and Unlearning (Kyte)

July/August 2010
Cover Story: The Virtual Enterprise; Features: Strategize. Plan. Execute; One City, One Week, Three Conferences; Java Hits the Road
Technology: High-Performance Oracle Systems for Business Intelligence Workloads (Yu, Prucha, Hata); Compelling Dialog (Muench); Deriving and Sharing Business Intelligence Metadata (Rittman); Automating Parallelism (Nanda); On Connecting, Pivoting, and Learning New Things (Kyte)

May/June 2010
Cover Story: Stark Domination; Features: Sailing for the Prize; Public and Private Clouds: Making It Work; Software. Hardware. Complete.
Technology: Java (Ort and Heiss); Next-Generation Data Backup (Thomson); Libraries You Can Depend On (Muench); Time for a .NET Tune-Up (Shay); On Working in Parallel (Feuerstein); Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g Release 2 and Heterogeneous Databases (Rittman); Looking at Edition-Based Redefinition, Part 3 (Kyte)

March/April 2010
Cover Story: Accelerate Your Business; Feature: Only What You Need
Technology: Partition Virtually (Nanda); Edition-Based Redefinition, Part 2 (Kyte); Developer: Embracing Extends (Muench); Advanced Interactive Reporting (Peake)

January/February 2010
Cover Story: Getting to Modern; Features: Know Who. Know How.; Honoring Excellence
Technology: Compressing Columns (Nanda); A Closer Look at the New Edition (Kyte); Developer: The Route to Success (Muench); On Privacy and Function (Feuerstein); Building a Cube (Tracy McMullen and Edward Roske)


2009 Issues

November/December 2009
Cover Story: Editors' Choice Awards 2009; Feature: Consolidate. Compress. Control.
Technology: Tune It Up (Jagannath); Looking at the New Edition (Kyte); Developer: One Smart Combo (Muench); Line Up Your Applications (Shay)

September/October 2009
Cover Story: Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g; Features: Information Secured. Identity Confirmed; Oracle OpenWorld Preview; Integrating Information
Technology: Scripting Oracle RMAN Commands (Nanda); On DBMS_ROWID, Parsing, and Sizing (Kyte); Developer: At the Breaking Point (Muench); Put Your Arrays in a Bind (Williams); On Looping, First, and Last (Feuerstein); Building Applications in the Cloud (Peake); Turn Applications into Portlets (Wang)

July/August 2009
Cover Story: Lead with Intelligence; Features: See Savings with Linux; Oracle OpenWorld Preview
Technology: A Refreshing Move (Nanda); On Popularity and Natural Selection (Kyte); Developer: Open Source Contributions (Schwerin); Targets, Accessors, and Trees (Muench); First Things First (Feuerstein); Developing Secure Applications (Peake); The Full Set (Shay)

May/June 2009
Cover Story: United Development; Features: Test for Success; Safeguard the Desktop
Technology: Creating Custom Authentication (Mattamal); More New PL/SQL Features (Jagannath); On Constraints, Metadata, and Truth (Kyte); Developer: Extending a Helping Hand (Muench); The Right Transaction (Williams); The Magic Kingdom (Feuerstein); Converting Forms (Peake)

March/April 2009
Cover Story: Data Center: The Next Generation; Features: Scale to Fit; Integrating Applications
Technology: Baselines and Better Plans (Nanda); Improving Application Performance (Harper); Improving PL/SQL (Jagannath); On Wrong and Right (Kyte); Developer: A Ride at the OK (or Cancel) Corral (Muench); On Avoiding Termination (Feuerstein)

January/February 2009
Cover Story: Launching Performance; Features: Building on a Solid Foundation; Inside Job; Serve It Up!
Technology: Encrypting Tablespaces (Nanda); Managing Database Resources (Jagannath); On Dynamic Sampling (Kyte); Developer: Easier Interactive Data Entry (Muench); On Emulating FINALLY (Feuerstein); Easy Application Attachments (Peake)

2008 Issues

November/December 2008
Cover Story: Editors' Choice Awards 2008; Feature: Oracle and HP Partner On Hardware Offering
Technology: Keeping Active (Nanda); Programming Productively (Harper); New Ways to Flash Back (Jagannath); On Separation and Counting (Kyte); Developer:Developing a Regional Accent (Muench); On Cursor FOR Loops (Feuerstein); Instant ODP.NET Deployment (Williams)

September/October 2008
Cover Story: Share 2.0; Features: Restrictions Apply; Managing Identity Diversity; Meets and Exceeds
Technology: Document, Monitor, and Manage (Harper); More Ways to Flash Back (Jagannath); The Trouble with Triggers (Kyte); Developer:Task and You Shall Receive (Muench); On Signatures and Changing WHERE (Feuerstein); Customize the Experience (Williams)

July/August 2008
Cover Story: Measure. Analyze. Perform.; Features: License to Operate; Growing Green
Technology: Compress to Impress (Nanda); Managing History (Gennick); Managing File Versions (Harper); Using Database Advisors (Jagannath); On Redefinition, Nature, and Triggers (Kyte); Developer: More Support for the Kernel (Schwerin); A Home for Your Chrome (Muench); On Exceptions and Rules (Feuerstein); Cache Payback (Willliams)

May/June 2008
Cover Story: Developer Nation; Features: Wrap It Up; Energizing the Efficient Enterprise
Technology: Accelerating Data Warehousing (Vlamis); Making Database Connections (Harper); Back Up and Recover (Jagannath); On Seeing Double in V$SQL (Kyte); Developer: Enlightened Development (Muench); The Power of Two (Peake); On the PGA and Indexing Collections (Feuerstein); It Takes All Types (Shay)

March/April 2008
Cover Story: Moving Forward; Feature: Support For Superheroes
Technology: Performing Through Changes (Nanda); Building Queries Visually (Harper); Upgrading Manageability (Jagannath); Oracle Database 11g Redux (Kyte); Developer: Declarative Data Filtering (Muench); Building Interactive Reports (Peake); On BULK COLLECT (Feuerstein)

January/February 2008
Cover Story: Information Comes Home; Features: Making Enterprise Choices; Definitely Not Old-School
Technology: Better Workload, Better Testing (Nanda); Intelligence and Identity (Rittman and Crisp); Become a Certified Expert (Breederode and Goodman); On Tuning by Tracing (Kyte); Developer: Services with a Smile (Muench); Reporting from Your Browser (Peake)

2007 Issues

November/December 2007
Cover Story: Editors' Choice Awards 2007; Features: Perform with SOA; Controlling the Content Evolution; Experience Innovation
Technology: Working with PL/SQL (Harper); More on Oracle Database 11g (Kyte); Developer: Enhanced Calculation and Validation (Muench); Application Integration Workshop (Peake); On Continuing and Executing (Feuerstein); Testing BPEL in the Real World (Dikmans)

September/October 2007
Cover Story: Manage Change with Oracle Database 11g; Features: Open and Secure; The Power Within; Get Ready for the Biggest Event of the Year
Technology: More Partitioning Choices (Nanda); Faster, Safer, and Smaller LOBs (Gennick); Moving to an Oracle Database (Harper); On Oracle Database 11g (Kyte); Developer: Defining a Cascading List of Values (Muench); Express Web 2.0 (Peake); On the PL/SQL Function Result Cache (Feuerstein)

July/August 2007
Cover Story: Oracle Celebrates Thirty Years of Innovation; Features: Hands-Free Management; World Class IT
Technology: Reporting with the Familiar (Rittman); Extending Oracle SQL Developer (Harper); On Ignoring, Locking, and Parsing (Kyte); Developer: Working Around Silos (Bright); Committed To Code (Schwerin); Producing Parameterized Pages (Muench); On Invokers and Outs (Feuerstein)

May/June 2007
Cover Story: Develop with Choice; Features: Journey to the Center of Fusion; Step into Windows
Technology: Now Reporting (Harper); On Loading and Extents (Kyte); Developer: Spring Time (Schwerin); Beyond Declarative Validation (Muench); Application Migration Workshop (Peake); On the Old, the New, and ORA-22160 (Feuerstein)

March/April 2007
Cover Story: Radiating Intelligence; Features: Find It; Destination Fusion
Technology: Decisions Grow on Trees (Hardman); Embedded Java Persistence (Gennick); On Cursors, SQL, and Analytics (Kyte); Developer: Delivering Productivity with Choice (Schwerin); Breaking Out of the Browser (Muench); A Development Gem (Savarese)

January/February 2007
Cover Story: Always Available; Features: Go XML; Expanding to Meet Demands
Technology: PL/SQL Practices (Feuerstein); Recover in a Flash (Nanda); On Top-n and Pagination Queries (Kyte); Developer: Embedding Open Source (Schwerin); Modeling Tables and Components (Muench); Using PL/SQL Associative Arrays (Williams); Sizing Up Performance (Hichwa)

2006 Issues

November/December 2006
Cover Story: Editors' Choice Awards 2006
Technology: Restore to the Point (Nanda); When Microseconds Count (Gennick); Managing Data Quality (Hardman); On Rescue Analytics and Popularity (Kyte); Testing Database Security (Puri); Developer: Jump-Start J2EE Development (Muench); Taking Up Collections (Hichwa); On Object Types in Collections (Feuerstein)

September/October 2006
Cover Story: Security Inside; Features: Refining the Wheel; Content at Your Fingertips; Oracle Magazine at Twenty; Oracle OpenWorld
Technology: Partition Decisions (Nanda); Secure Search Returns Best Results (Hardman); On ROWNUM and Limiting Results (Kyte); Become a Master (Puri); Developer: Getting Rich with Ajax (Schwerin); Harnessing the Active Data Model (Muench); Debugging PL/SQL from .NET (Williams); Express Lockdown (Mattamal); On Generics and Traces (Feuerstein)

July/August 2006
Cover Story: Get Control; Features: Brewing Good Business; Retail Businesses Grow; Access Granted
Technology: Build Custom Aggregate Functions (Gennick); Archiving Data Using XML (Nanda); On Speeding, Dating, and Spelling (Kyte); Managing Certificates (Puri); Developer: A New Face on the Block (Muench); Improve ODP.NET Performance (Williams); Single Step Deployment (Mattamal); On Conditional Compilation (Feuerstein)

May/June 2006
Cover Story: From Application Express to XE; Features: Making Movie Magic; Semantic Breakthrough; Peoplepower
Technology: Oracle SQL Developer Soars (Gennick); On Joins and Query Plans (Kyte); Managing Oracle Portal (Puri); Developer: PHP for the Enterprise (Schwerin); Tuning Your View Objects (Muench); Following the Changes, Part Two (Williams); Building Express Forms (Mattamal); On Confusion and Recompilation (Feuerstein)

March/April 2006
Cover Story: The Face of Intelligence; Features: Put Some Muscle in Your Business; Process Portals: A New Way to See Business
Technology: Standards-based Fusion (Bright); Learn and Predict (Hardman); Commanding ASM (Nanda); Master Batch Processing (Rittman); On Variables, Moving, and Meaning (Feuerstein); On Deduping and Ordering (Kyte); Developer: Using Bind Variables (Muench); Following the Changes, Part One (Williams); Surveying Your Application Needs (Mattamal)

January/February 2006
Cover Story: Powering Windows; Features: Oracle Inside
Technology: SQL Tools Make Fast Work (Gennick); Auditing in XML (Nanda); Knowing Your UML with XML (Wigetman and Moortgat); Answering PL/SQL (Feuerstein); On Sharing, Splitting, and Deleting (Kyte); New Features for Oracle8i OCPs (Puri); Developer: Appreciating the Entity Object (Muench); Cursor In, Cursor Out (Williams); Generating a JSF DataTable (Vohra)

2005 Issues

November/December 2005
Cover Story: Editors' Choice Awards 2005
Technology: Standardizing Grid Computing (Schwerin); Building Analytic Workspaces (Vlamis); On Transaction Isolation Levels (Kyte); Tuning Oracle9i on Linux (Puri); Developer: Working with Master/Detail Data (Muench); Serving Winning LOBs (Williams); Migrating to Oracle HTML DB (Spendolini); Tools for Your .NET Space (Shay)

September/October 2005
Cover Story: 10g R2; Features: A Lesson in Interactive Marketing; Middle Matters
Technology: Web Services—Anyhow, Anywhere (Bright); XQuery Flowers (Gennick); Transparent Data Encryption (Nanda); Going Global (Hardman); XML to Relational: Bridging the Gap (Dillon); My First Day with the New Release (Kyte); Surveying Diagnostics (Puri); Sharing Memory—Automatically; Developer: Creating Search Pages (Muench); The Values that Bind (Williams); Building Faster Java (Oak)

July/August 2005
Cover Story: Great Expectations; Features: Linux Clusters; Oracle OpenWorld
Technology: Simplifying Development (Schwerin); Tuning Undo Tablespace (Floss); Nulls: Nothing to Worry About (de Haan and Gennick); Mining for Clues (Nanda); On Searching and Synonyms (Kyte); Efficient Space Management (Puri); Developer: Browsing and Editing Data (Muench); Testing 1,2,3... (Zoio); Using PHP 5 with Oracle XML DB (Vasiliev)

May/June 2005
Cover Story: Modern Design; Feature: Tuning in to RFID
Technology: Picturing Program Design (Wiseth); Segments Shrink (Floss); Filter Data Before You Get It (Gennick); Picking Your Packages (Feuerstein); Creating Team Speed (Mishra); Getting to XML (Dillon); On Favorites and CONNECT BY (Kyte); New Ways to Flash Back (Puri); Developer: Working with Data (Muench); Fact-Finding with MapViewer (Qian and Sharma)

March/April 2005
Cover Story: Tame Your Content; Features: Coordinating Business Processes; Running on the Grid
Technology: Find Answers Faster (Gennick & Molinaro); Tracing Lines (Feuerstein); Room with a Better View (Nanda); Which Storage XML (Dillon); Speed and Simplify Data Movement (Floss); On Rollups, Merges, and Moves (Kyte); Flashback for OCPs (Puri); Developer: Guarantee SOAP Message Integrity (Lehmann); Starting with Oracle ADF (Muench); Aggregate Data with XQuery (Junnarkar, Chanchani, & Basu); Oracle Forms in the SOA World (Zimmermann)

January/February 2005
Cover Story: Eye on Information; Feature: A Form Break
Technology: XQuery: A New Way to Search (Kvitka); More Space and More Time (Gennick); Refactoring for PL/SQL Developers (Feuerstein); Encrypt Your Data Assets (Nanda); Share Your Data as XML (Floss); Understanding Optimization (Floss); On Injecting and Comparing (Kyte); More New Features for OCPs (Puri); The Luxury of Architecture (Demarest); Developer: Forms Functionality in J2EE (Muench); Wizards Creating Wizards (Leunissen)