Oracle Magazine Architect Columns

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May/June 2017 Relentless Tomorrows Are you ready for the next big tech changes?
March/April 2017 Open Source, Open Minds Today’s disruption is tomorrow’s tool.
January/February 2017 APIs: Yesterday and Today Next-generation interfaces are demanding attention and creating change.
November/December 2016 Course Corrections Technology evolves. Architects adapt.
September/October 2016 The Citizen Developer Partner or party crasher?
July/August 2016 Code vs. Concrete Engineering a better software engineer
May/June 2016 Moving on Mobile Is “mobile first” propelling development projects?
March/April 2016 Stumble into Skills? There are lasting lessons from things you’d rather forget.
January/February 2016 Where Is SOA Going? SOA principles drive new focus.
November/December 2015 Feed Your Creativity Charge up for a flash of brilliance.
September/October 2015 The New Cloud You Adapt your skill set and mind-set for success in the cloud.
July/August 2015 Taming Change Meeting the challenge of an ever-changing software development landscape
May/June 2015 Get Where You’re Going Training and certification decisions are key junctures on your career path.
March/April 2015 Microservices and SOA Similarities, differences, and where to go from here
November/December 2014 Architect: The Next Generation The need for agility, adaptation, and transformation also applies to arbiters of change.
September/October 2014 Mobile Today. More Mobile Tomorrow. There is more to mobile than what you can hold in your hand.
July/August 2014 Building Bridges Organizational silos thwarting IT architecture goals? Put away the sledgehammer.
May/June 2014 Why Would Anyone Want to Be an Architect? Architects weigh in on what makes their jobs cool.
March/April 2014 SOA’s People Problem Are reluctant passengers slowing down your SOA train?
January/February 2014 Get Ready for IoT Challenges and opportunities in the Internet of Things
November/December 2013 Become a Better Architect Single steps you can take today
July/August 2013 The CX Factor Wooing and wowing customers in the digital age
May/June 2013 DevOps or Dodos? Avoid extinction by aligning development and operations.
January/February 2013 Roadmaps and Guardrails It’s time to revive the conversation about IT governance.
November/December 2012 Architects Matter Making sense of the people who make sense of enterprise IT
September/October 2012 Decisions, Decisions The art, science, and politics of technology selection
July/August 2012 Catching Up to Mobile Computing Mobile computing presents challenges and opportunities for architects.
May/June 2012 Role Models Great minds and big ideas shape architectural decisions.
March/April 2012 Creating Architecture Seek inspiration for great IT architecture solutions.
January/February 2012 Tools of the Trade What’s in your architecture toolbox?
November/December 2011 Out of the Tower, into the Trenches Overcoming resentment toward architects and architecture
September/October 2011 Getting Schooled Education, training, and experience are stepping stones to a career as a software architect.
July/August 2011 Can You Relate? Your success as a software architect depends on your relationships with stakeholders.
May/June 2011 Software Architecture: It’s a Lot of Talk Communication takes up a big chunk of a software architect’s day.
March/April 2011 On the Software Architecture Trail There are different ways to get to software architect rewards.
January/February 2011 Enterprise Architecture in Interesting Times Business and technology continue to shape enterprise architecture.
November/December 2010 Agile Enterprise Architecture Can enterprise architecture and agile development get along?
September/October 2010 Something Old, Something New Bridging the generation gap—in enterprise architecture.
July/August 2010 Panning for Gold Finding value in enterprise architecture conversations.
May/June 2010 Lip Service Meeting enterprise architecture communication challenges is critical.
March/April 2010 Making Architecture Success Visible When you see something, say something.
January/February 2010 Snowball Battles Hair Ball Oracle enterprise architecture framework builds momentum and value.
November/December 2009 SOA Means Coming Together Collaboration across stakeholders is key for SOA to succeed.
September/October 2009 Collaborating on Design Patterns It takes an architect community to raise a collection of SOA design patterns.