Oracle Magazine In the Field Columns

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November/December 2016 No Accident Technology leaders talk about their tech journeys and the future of women in technology.
September/October 2016 From Conference to Community ODTUG President Natalie Delemar focuses on fostering communication and networking.
May/June 2016 Collaborating on Cloud When members of IOUG, OAUG, and Quest got together at COLLABORATE 16, the talk turned to cloud. Oracle Magazine was there to share the experience.
March/April 2016 Speaking from Experience Dr. Patricia Dues returns to run the OAUG with a focus on keeping the group thriving.
November/December 2015 Break Time at Oracle OpenWorld Oracle Magazine checks in at the ODTUG reception at Oracle OpenWorld 2015.
September/October 2015 The Modern IT Professional Maria Anderson, president of IOUG, sees the cusp of an IT reinvention.
July/August 2015 History, Hyper-Growth, and the Hunt The president of ODTUG looks back, looks at growth, and looks at Kscope.
May/June 2015 Keeping Pace OAUG’s new president knows how to handle a changing environment.
September/October 2014 Learning Circle, Part 2 OAUG President Alyssa Johnson talks about women in technology and technology trends.
July/August 2014 Learning Circle, Part 1 President Alyssa Johnson talks about OAUG’s evolving mission and commitment to innovation through community.
May/June 2014 DBA to Big Data DBA Turn your DBA skills into big data skills.
March/April 2014 Privilege Analysis It’s a cool Oracle Database 12c security feature.
January/February 2014 Survival for the Database Technologist Five steps to help you sort through the information about information management
September/October 2013 Time to Upgrade New features in Oracle Database 12c make upgrade evaluations easy.
September/October 2012 Users Find Their Way Whatever your interest, there’s a user group out there for you.
September/October 2012 Success in the Clouds Loud tips from experienced IT pilots
July/August 2012 Testing Makes Perfect Successful application upgrade testing combines leadership, preparation, and great people.
May/June 2012 Virtualized Communities A virtual community discusses virtualization and delivers real information.
March/April 2012 Happiness Is a User Group Feedback connects user group membership to happy customers.
January/February 2012 Building the Knowledgebase IOUG survey results drive the user group agenda, affect product development, and inform the wider public.
November/December 2011 Oracle Exadata's Organizational Impact With Oracle Exadata, consolidation isn't just for information and applications.
September/October 2011 Education Insurance Stay current, and stay employed: five easy ways for technologists to update their skill sets.
July/August 2011 Build and Buy An Oracle technologist looks at the principles for integrating built and bought solutions.
March/April 2011 And the Survey Says An IOUG survey shows strong interest in private cloud computing.
March/April 2011 Everything Is Coming Up ACEs! Oracle ACE program sponsors independent thinkers and benefits from independent leaders.
January/February 2011 Are You Change Enabled? Iterate and inculcate change along with its disruption.
January/February 2011 Build Better Data Warehouses The processing capacity of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine means fewer physical structures and better business intelligence.
November/December 2010 A Warm Welcome to the MySQL Community The Independent Oracle Users Group looks forward to working with even more independent users.
July/August 2010 Serving Your Community From schools to software, volunteers make the world a better place.
July/August 2010 Who Drives the Decision? Changes in business processes need management.
May/June 2010 The Data Decade Exploring the possibilities—and the needs—of the future.
March/April 2010 How to Learn Choosing the best way to acquire knowledge.
January/February 2010 The Importance of Patches Too many companies leave their databases insufficiently protected.
November/December 2009 Answering the Upgrade Question Evaluate your organization's needs against Oracle tool releases.
November/December 2009 Driving Down Costs Use “new” functionality within Oracle Database to save money and simplify operations.
July/August 2009 Choosing the Right Tool Evaluate your organization's needs against Oracle tool releases.
May/June 2009 Mixing It Up There’s never been a better time to get involved through networking.
March/April 2009 Taming the Data Explosion The HP Oracle Database Machine offers high performance for high data volume.
January/February 2009 Keeping Up Make sure that your knowledge is current and cutting-edge.
November/December 2008 Integration: It’s Coming Together Mergers, acquisitions, and growth present opportunities for user groups.
September/October 2008 Locate and Use BI Leveraging your existing data—and Oracle¬ís capabilities—lets everybody win.
July/August 2008 Thank You for Your Time A lot has changed during Ari Kaplan's three years as IOUG president.
May/June 2008 New IOUG Award Is Double Honor From the Oracle Contribution Award to Ken Jacobs to Tom Kyte.
March/April 2008 Let's Get Virtual The Oracle VM virtual server means simpler and cheaper virtualization solutions.
January/February 2008 Succeeding with Failure Oracle Data Guard helps enable disaster recovery systems—and much more.
November/December 2007 A Place for Everything Oracle's free ILM Assistant helps enterprises implement cost savings.
September/October 2007 What's New in Oracle Database 11g The latest version of the database has great new features for everyone.
July/August 2007 An Oracle User Looks at 30 A tradition of technology and user groups marks Oracle's 30th year.
May/June 2007 Oracle Fusion Propels the Future Middleware platform, tools, and application strategy simplify development and integration.
March/April 2007 New Strategies Simplify Backups Innovative technologies speed up tasks and reduce costs.
January/February 2007 Listening to You IOUG surveys provide guidance for expanding databases and open source software issues.
November/December 2006 Asking the Right Questions Data provides dry information on its own, but business analytics can pry the meaning loose.
September/October 2006 Storage Made Simpler Storage virtualization can simplify database applications.
July/August 2006 XML in Databases XML's usefulness multiplies with proper handling.
May/June 2006 Applications for Real-Time Access Oracle technologies and tools simplify mobile and wireless application development.
March/April 2006 Riding the Mobile Wave Mobile applications are coming. Are you ready?
January/February 2006 The Business Case for SOA New technology can bring direct, measureable benefits to your company.