Oracle Magazine In the Field Columns

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November/December 2015 Break Time at Oracle OpenWorld Oracle Magazine checks in at the ODTUG reception at Oracle OpenWorld 2015.
September/October 2015 The Modern IT Professional Maria Anderson, president of IOUG, sees the cusp of an IT reinvention.
July/August 2015 History, Hyper-Growth, and the Hunt The president of ODTUG looks back, looks at growth, and looks at Kscope.
May/June 2015 Keeping Pace OAUG’s new president knows how to handle a changing environment.
September/October 2014 Learning Circle, Part 2 OAUG President Alyssa Johnson talks about women in technology and technology trends.
July/August 2014 Learning Circle, Part 1 President Alyssa Johnson talks about OAUG’s evolving mission and commitment to innovation through community.
May/June 2014 DBA to Big Data DBA Turn your DBA skills into big data skills.
March/April 2014 Privilege Analysis It’s a cool Oracle Database 12c security feature.
January/February 2014 Survival for the Database Technologist Five steps to help you sort through the information about information management
September/October 2013 Time to Upgrade New features in Oracle Database 12c make upgrade evaluations easy.
September/October 2012 Users Find Their Way Whatever your interest, there’s a user group out there for you.
September/October 2012 Success in the Clouds Loud tips from experienced IT pilots
July/August 2012 Testing Makes Perfect Successful application upgrade testing combines leadership, preparation, and great people.
May/June 2012 Virtualized Communities A virtual community discusses virtualization and delivers real information.
March/April 2012 Happiness Is a User Group Feedback connects user group membership to happy customers.
January/February 2012 Building the Knowledgebase IOUG survey results drive the user group agenda, affect product development, and inform the wider public.
November/December 2011 Oracle Exadata's Organizational Impact With Oracle Exadata, consolidation isn't just for information and applications.
September/October 2011 Education Insurance Stay current, and stay employed: five easy ways for technologists to update their skill sets.
July/August 2011 Build and Buy An Oracle technologist looks at the principles for integrating built and bought solutions.
March/April 2011 And the Survey Says An IOUG survey shows strong interest in private cloud computing.
March/April 2011 Everything Is Coming Up ACEs! Oracle ACE program sponsors independent thinkers and benefits from independent leaders.
January/February 2011 Are You Change Enabled? Iterate and inculcate change along with its disruption.
January/February 2011 Build Better Data Warehouses The processing capacity of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine means fewer physical structures and better business intelligence.
November/December 2010 A Warm Welcome to the MySQL Community The Independent Oracle Users Group looks forward to working with even more independent users.
July/August 2010 Serving Your Community From schools to software, volunteers make the world a better place.
July/August 2010 Who Drives the Decision? Changes in business processes need management.
May/June 2010 The Data Decade Exploring the possibilities—and the needs—of the future.
March/April 2010 How to Learn Choosing the best way to acquire knowledge.
January/February 2010 The Importance of Patches Too many companies leave their databases insufficiently protected.
November/December 2009 Answering the Upgrade Question Evaluate your organization's needs against Oracle tool releases.
November/December 2009 Driving Down Costs Use “new” functionality within Oracle Database to save money and simplify operations.
July/August 2009 Choosing the Right Tool Evaluate your organization's needs against Oracle tool releases.
May/June 2009 Mixing It Up There’s never been a better time to get involved through networking.
March/April 2009 Taming the Data Explosion The HP Oracle Database Machine offers high performance for high data volume.
January/February 2009 Keeping Up Make sure that your knowledge is current and cutting-edge.
November/December 2008 Integration: It’s Coming Together Mergers, acquisitions, and growth present opportunities for user groups.
September/October 2008 Locate and Use BI Leveraging your existing data—and Oracle¬ís capabilities—lets everybody win.
July/August 2008 Thank You for Your Time A lot has changed during Ari Kaplan's three years as IOUG president.
May/June 2008 New IOUG Award Is Double Honor From the Oracle Contribution Award to Ken Jacobs to Tom Kyte.
March/April 2008 Let's Get Virtual The Oracle VM virtual server means simpler and cheaper virtualization solutions.
January/February 2008 Succeeding with Failure Oracle Data Guard helps enable disaster recovery systems—and much more.
November/December 2007 A Place for Everything Oracle's free ILM Assistant helps enterprises implement cost savings.
September/October 2007 What's New in Oracle Database 11g The latest version of the database has great new features for everyone.
July/August 2007 An Oracle User Looks at 30 A tradition of technology and user groups marks Oracle's 30th year.
May/June 2007 Oracle Fusion Propels the Future Middleware platform, tools, and application strategy simplify development and integration.
March/April 2007 New Strategies Simplify Backups Innovative technologies speed up tasks and reduce costs.
January/February 2007 Listening to You IOUG surveys provide guidance for expanding databases and open source software issues.
November/December 2006 Asking the Right Questions Data provides dry information on its own, but business analytics can pry the meaning loose.
September/October 2006 Storage Made Simpler Storage virtualization can simplify database applications.
July/August 2006 XML in Databases XML's usefulness multiplies with proper handling.
May/June 2006 Applications for Real-Time Access Oracle technologies and tools simplify mobile and wireless application development.
March/April 2006 Riding the Mobile Wave Mobile applications are coming. Are you ready?
January/February 2006 The Business Case for SOA New technology can bring direct, measureable benefits to your company.