Oracle Magazine Peer-to-Peer Columns

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July/August 2017 In Real Life Meeting colleagues in person makes all the difference for these three peers.
May/June 2017 The Simple Approach Oracle ACE Associates blog, think outside the database, and praise tech that “just works.”
March/April 2017 Back in the Day Computer rentals, love at first job, and the ease of getting into IT now versus then.
January/February 2017 The Deep End Three peers learn by doing, mentoring, and competing.
November/December 2016 Early Adopters Three peers stay ahead by getting social, embracing new features, and “mining for gold.”
September/October 2016 How to Learn Roeland Van den Eynde, Franck Pachot, Robin Moffatt
July/August 2016 Speedy Delivery Zhang Leyi (Kamus), Deanna Sunde, Sten Vesterli
May/June 2016 Life Journeys Ronald Rood, Opal Alapat, Antonis Antoniou
March/April 2016 Taking IT Easy Mike Riley, John Jay King, Ryota Watabe
January/February 2016 Firsts and Favorites Alex Zaballa, Martin Klier, Gustavo Gonzalez
November/December 2015 Start, Focus, Socialize Don Seiler, Sue Shaw, Scott Walters
September/October 2015 Peer-to-Peer Joel Pérez, Celvin Kattookaran, Richard Harrison
July/August 2015 Improv 101 Edelweiss Kammermann, Kevin McGinley, Klaas-jan Jongsma
May/June 2015 Thinking Green René van Wijk, Frank Munz, Toshikazu Fukuoka
March/April 2015 How to Learn Biju Thomas, Sarah Craynon Zumbrum, Anar Godjaev
January/February 2015 Tooling Around Bobby Curtis, Christian Antognini, Karen Cannell
November/December 2014 Flexing Mental Muscles Heli Helskyaho, Deiby Gómez, Martin Bach
September/October 2014 Game Changers Danny Bryant, Mia Urman, James Anthony
July/August 2014 Close Encounters Dominic Delmolino, Enrique Orbegozo, Osama Mustafa Hussein
May/June 2014 Taking the Lead Kashif Manzoor, Hakan Biroglu, Aris Prassinos
March/April 2014 All for One Lakshmi Sampath, Bjoern Rost, Ahmed Aboulnaga
January/February 2014 No Boundaries Michel Schildmeijer, Alexandre Borges, Koji Shinkubo
November/December 2013 User Group Hug Kamran Agayev A., Suk Kim, Jason Arneil
September/October 2013 Solid Foundations Timo Raitalaakso, John Booth, Ulrich Gerkmann-Bartels
July/August 2013 Finding Help Cameron Lackpour, Diego Aguirre, Michael Abbey
May/June 2013 Big Leaps Martin Widlake, Christian Trieb, Satishbabu Gunukula
March/April 2013 Flexible Solutions Peter Raganitsch, Mike Swing, Satyendra Kumar Pasalapudi
January/February 2013 Green Is Good Kellyn Pot'Vin, Giuseppe Maxia, Rolando Carrasco
November/December 2012 Tech Destiny Wagner Bianchi, Emre Baransel, Jeff Jacobs
September/October 2012 Knowledge Bloggers David Ricardo, Brendan Tierney, Zeeshan Baig
July/August 2012 Immersion Learning Johannes Ahrends, Wissem Elkhlifi, Stewart Bryson
May/June 2012 Playing Favorites Gökhan Atil, Doug Gault, Patrick Barel
March/April 2012 Community Counts Matsunobu Yoshinori, Tariq Farooq, Dirk Nachbar
January/February 2012 Demystifying IT Susan Behn, Connor McDonald, Rob Zoeteweij
November/December 2011 Learn As You Go Ricardo Portilho Proni, Lisa Dobson, Zhang Leyi
September/October 2011 In with the New Julien Gabel, Fahd Mirza, Frits Hoogland
July/August 2011 On Grids and Groups Bob Mycroft, Julian Dontcheff, Sheeri K. Cabral
May/June 2011 Database Centric Liron Amitzi, Toon Koppelaars, Fernando Martin Garcia
March/April 2011 It’s Who You Know Tomáš Solaƙ, Robert Geier, Andy Jorgensen
January/February 2011 Hack, Tweet, Repeat Chet Justice, Oded Raz, Simon Haslam
November/December 2010 Advice Line Hemant K. Chitale, Hector Madrid, Dmitri Khanine
September/October 2010 Efficiency Experts Kai Yu, Roel Hartman, Antonio Jose Rodrigues Neto
July/August 2010 Solving Puzzles Iggy Fernandez, Murali Vallath, Matjaz B. Juric
May/June 2010 The Upside of Downtime Melanie Cameron, James Morle, Rodrigo Almeida
March/April 2010 Dogged DBAs Ben Prusinski, Sabdar Syed, Bert Scalzo
January/February 2010 Simple Pleasures Tanel Poder, Chen Shapira, Piet de Visser
November/December 2009 New-Feature Fanfare Sandra Vucinic, Randolf Geist, Juan Carlos Olamendy
September/October 2009 Mind Your Business Karen Brownfield, Eric Helmer, Dimitri Gielis
July/August 2009 What Do Peers Want? Karen Morton, Francisco Alvarez, Geoff Garcia
May/June 2009 Keeping It Real Jon Emmons, Torsten Schlautmann, Porus Homi Havewala
March/April 2009 Architects’ Vision Rajender Singh, Markus Eisele, Tracy McMullen
January/February 2009 The Long View Alex Gorbachev, Andreas Chatziantoniou, Christian Pfundtner