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Q: Can I use Java Plug-in Software to run Beans inside OLE containers?

A: Yes, Java Plug-in Software includes the JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX. This allows you to wrap your JavaBeans component as an ActiveX control and deploy your Bean without any recoding inside applications like Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic, Inprise Delphi, etc.

Q: How does the JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX inside Java Plug-in Software work?

A: You run the Packager against the jar file containing the JavaBeans component(s). The Packager takes care of creating an OLE type library and win32 registry for the component. This allows OLE/COM containers to correctly analyze and present a JavaBeans component.

Q: What are the advantages of the Bridging functionality?

A: This provides users of legacy OLE/COM/ActiveX containers such as Word or Visual Basic with the ability to embed and use portable JavaBeans components in the same way they would previously embed and use platform-specific OLE/COM/ActiveX components. Component developers can safely construct and deploy advanced, platform Java Plug-in Software dependent JavaBeans components with the knowledge that they will also be fully functional inside of legacy applications.

Q: What does the Bridge allow JavaBeans components to do?

A: Beans can fire events that can be caught by OLE/COM/ActiveX containers. This allows, for example, a Bean to fire an event that is caught by a Visual Basic script. Beans can act as servers for OLE/COM/ActiveX method invocation. This means that tools such as Visual Basic can invoke methods on Beans.

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