Java Development with Ant

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by Erik Hatcher and Steve Loughran
October, 2002

Chapter 4, Testing with JUnit | Appendix E, Ant Task Reference


The JDC is pleased to present two chapters from Java Development with Ant, by Erik Hatcher and Steve Loughran, published by Manning Publications Company.

About the Book

Java Development with Ant systematically explores what Ant can do, and how to apply it to your project. Whether you are new to Ant, or an experienced user, this book will show you powerful and creative uses for Ant. The book emphasizes basic concepts you need to know to effectively use Ant starting with Ant's XML-driven build process. It leads you step-by-step through everything you need to know to compile, test, package and deploy an application. It then guides you through the maze of more complex situations common in larger projects such as enterprise Java applications and Web Services. With this book you will gain access to a powerful tool to automatically build, test and deploy your Java software, no matter how simple or complex it might be.

About the Chapters

Chapter 4, " Testing with JUnit,": All software development methodologies are now embracing testing as a critical piece to delivering quality software in a timely fashion. Refactoring, as made popular by Fowler, crucially depends on unit tests being in place to be effective. This chapter gives the reader a foundation of the technical details necessary to develop and execute unit tests using the JUnit framework within Ant.

Appendix E, " Ant Task Reference," is a tribute to Ant and another fantastic tool, XDoclet. The entire task reference was generated from Ant's own source code and is more accurate than even Ant's own documentation in some cases. Tasks are listed alphabetically, providing a brief description of the task and its attributes and the top-level nested elements it supports. This appendix is a great reference to have handy.

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About the Authors

Erik Hatcher, an Ant project committer, has written popular articles on Ant's JUnit integration. He maintains jGuru's Ant FAQ where he answers the world's toughest Ant questions. Erik lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Steve Loughran designs and builds production Web Services using Java and Ant. Prior to this, he was a research scientist in Hewlett Packard Laboratories in England. Steve lives in Corvallis, Oregon.

Chapter 4, Testing with JUnit | Appendix E, Ant Task Reference

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