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The following table lists the keyboard operations for sliders. Sliders can be either vertical or horizontal, so keyboard operations are provided for each case. For details on this component, see Sliders.


Keyboard Operation Action
Arrow keys Changes value of slider
Home Moves to leading-edge value (in left-to-right reading order, the value at the left edge or bottom)
End Moves to the trailing-edge value (in left-to-right reading order, the value at the right edge or top of the slider)
Page Up, Ctrl-PgUp Jumps towards right or top (approximately 20% of the scale)
Page Down, Ctrl-PgDn Jumps towards left or bottom direction (approximately 20% of the scale)

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Table 24   Keyboard Operations for Sliders
Left Curve
Java SDKs and Tools
Right Curve
Left Curve
Java Resources
Right Curve
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