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Tree Components
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Tree Components

The following table lists the keyboard operations for tree components. For details on the appearance and behavior of this component, see Tree Components.


Keyboard Operation Action
Right arrow Expands current node
Left arrow Collapses current node
Up arrow Moves selection up one node
Down arrow Moves selection down one node
Home Moves selection to first node in tree
End Moves selection to last node in tree
Page Up Scrolls up one information pane
Page Down Scrolls down one information pane
Ctrl-PgUp Moves left one information pane, if not everything is visible in a horizontal orientation
Ctrl-PgDn Moves right one information pane, if not everything is visible in a horizontal orientation
Ctrl-A, Ctrl-/ Selects all nodes in tree
Ctrl-\ Deselects all
Shift-up arrow Extends selection up
Shift-down arrow Extends selection down
Shift-Home Extends selection to beginning of tree
Shift-End Extends selection to end of tree
Shift-PgUp Extends selection up one information pane
Shift-PgDn Extends selection down one information pane
Ctrl-Shift-PgDn Extends selection right one information pane
Ctrl-Shift-PgUp Extends selection left one information pane

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Table 33   Keyboard Operations for Tree Components 
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