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Common Mnemonics
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Common Mnemonics

The following table provides an alphabetically sorted list of common mnemonics for menu items within the common menus. Use this table to determine which mnemonics are used and which are available. For a list of common mnemonics organized by the common order in menus, see Table 9.


Letter Menu Items
A Select All (Edit menu), S ave As (File menu), About Application (Help menu)
B Bold (Format menu)
C Copy (Edit menu), Close (File menu), Align Center (Format menu), Contents (Help menu)
D Delete (Edit menu), Details (View menu)
E Edit menu
F File menu, Find (Edit menu), Filter (View menu)
G Lar ge Icons (View menu)
H Help menu
I Index (Help menu), Italic (Format menu)
L Align Left (Format menu), List (View menu)
M S mall Icons (View menu)
N Fi nd Again (Edit menu), New (File menu)
O Open (File menu), Zoom Out (View menu)
P Paste (Edit menu), Print (File menu)
R Fo rmat menu, Redo (Edit menu), Align Right (Format menu), Refresh (View menu)
S Save (File menu), Search (Help menu), Sort By (View menu)
T Cu t (Edit menu), Tutorial (Help menu)
U Undo (Edit menu), Page Set up (File menu), Underline (Format menu)
V View menu
X E xit (File menu)
Z Zoom In (View menu)

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Table 13   Alphabetical List of Common Mnemonics 
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