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The keyboard operations in this table apply to menu bars, drop-down menus, submenus, contextual menus, menu items, radio button menu items, and checkbox menu items. For a discussion of menus, see Chapter 9.

  In the Java 2 SDK, contextual menus cannot be posted from the keyboard.

Keyboard Operation Action
F10 Moves focus to menu bar and posts first menu
Shift-F10 Displays contextual menu
Right arrow and left arrow Navigates right or left among titles in menu bar, posting current menu, displaying submenus (right arrow), and navigating back from submenu to higher-level menu
Up arrow Navigates within menus, displaying submenus
Down arrow Navigates within menus, moving to the next item without displaying a submenu
Enter, Return, spacebar Activates menu item, dismisses menu, and goes to last window item that had focus
Escape Dismisses menu without taking action and returns focus to last component that had focus; when in submenu, dismisses submenu and returns to higher-level drop-down or contextual menu

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Table 20   Keyboard Operations for Menus 
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