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The Aquarium

GlassFish Application Server, Java web services, and Java EE technologies

What's next for the Java platform? Read news and views from Sun's CEO, engineers, writers, and Java developers as they explore core Java, enterprise, Web 2.0, mobility, and open source.


Terrence Barr
Java ME Technology

Ed Burns
JavaServer Faces Technology

James Gosling
On the Java Road

Arun Gupta
Miles to Go: Web Services and Web 2.0 Applications

Janice J. Heiss
Java Technology News and Interviews

Joshua Marinacci
Java SE and JavaFX Technologies

Carol McDonald
Java Technology Evangelist

Tor Norbye
NetBeans IDE, Ruby, Python, and More

Ed Ort
Enterprise Tech Tips and Videos

Simon Phipps
A WebMink in the Sun: Open Source and More

Jonathan Schwartz
Notes From Sun's President and CEO

Mary Smaragdis
MaryMaryQuiteContrary: Explicitly and Without Apology a Marketing Vehicle


The Aquarium
GlassFish Application Server, Java Web Services, and Java EE Technologies

Core Java Technologies Tech Tips
Tips for Using Core Java SE APIs

Enterprise Tech Tips
Tips for Using Java EE Technologies and APIs

Java Technology Fundamentals
How to Use the Java SE Programming Language and Platform

JavaFX Blog
Rich Internet Applications for an Expressive World Weblogs
Community Posts About Java Technology

Mobile & Embedded Community
Blogs About Java ME

Mobility Tech Tips
Tips to Create, Test, and Deploy Java ME Applications

Planet JDK
News and Views From the Java SE Development Kit Community

The Planetarium
Java SE, Java ME, JavaFX, and JavaCard Technologies

SDN Program News
Everything Happening in the Sun Developer Network (SDN)

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