InfoBus enables dynamic exchange of data between JavaBeans component architecture by defining a small number of interfaces between cooperating Beans and specifying the protocol for use of those interfaces. The protocols are based on a notion of an information bus. All components which implement these interfaces can plug into the bus. As a member of the bus any component can  exchange data with any other component in a structured way, including arrays, tables, and database rowsets. 

InfoBus is 100% Pure Java Certified

InfoBus meets the 100% Pure Java certification standards. This is an important milestone for developers creating data aware components. The 100% Pure Java certification assures that the InfoBus technology is portable across Java TM platforms. Furthermore, this helps developers using the InfoBus standard extension who want to certify their components or applications as pure.

InfoBus 1.2 Released!

InfoBus 1.2 is now available. InfoBus 1.2 adds a new interface that supports changing the dimensions of an ArrayAccess data item. New and updated classes and interfaces support a new shape change event, and simplify the implementation of a change listener for data consumers.
The InfoBus 1.2 Changes Summary document provides detailed descriptions of the improvements of InfoBus 1.2 over 1.1.1.

BDK 1.1 provides support for InfoBus-aware Beans.

InfoBus 1.2 Specification

You may view an HTML version of the specification.

*(To view this file, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available from Adobe's web site.)

Download Infobus 1.2


System Requirements

InfoBus 1.2 requires version 1.1.2 or higher of the JDK software.

The Collections package has been updated to reflect the Collections API in the FCS release of JDK1.2.
To facilitate InfoBus development we have wrapped the Collections classes and APIs from JDK1.2 so that they can be used with InfoBus 1.1 or higher and JDK 1.1.

Other InfoBus Documentation & Articles

Download JDK1.1 Collections package

Please see the README file for details about this package.


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