National Ad with Embedded Local Information

API: User Scenarios
National Ad with Embedded Local Information

Henry's pickup has been kinda cranky lately. At 239,000 miles on the odometer, it's hardly surprising. But still, he's going to have to deal with it. Tonight he decides to zone out by watching his favorite movie on TV.

During a commercial break, a national advertisement for International Motor Company (IMC) pickups comes down the video stream and arouses Henry's interest. Meanwhile, local dealership information has been pulled from a database by zip code (stored as non-volatile RAM in the set-top box), parsed, sent down the data stream, and displayed semi-transparently over the lower portion of the video. All database information not pertinent to Henry's 95640 zip code is filtered out before downloading to the set-top box.

Henry is hooked. He quickly clicks the Send Me Info button and prints the coupon for a low rate of payment. When he is finished interacting with the IMC commercial, the next advertisement queued up in the data carousel begins playing. Henry heads to the fridge for a nice, cool drink.

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