Enhanced TV Broadcasting

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Enhanced TV Broadcasting

Enhanced TV Broadcasting

It's a big day for Ricky. He and a couple of his dorm buddies are ready to watch an NBA game between the San Jose Speed and the Cupertino Cannonballs. They're big Speed fans. Their college subscribes to the local cable company's premium services that provide enhanced broadcasting, such as real-time scores and statistics, fun betting, video sports cards, chat with the players, and so forth.

While waiting for the game to start, Ricky and his friends amuse themselves by checking out some action sports cards. With the premium service remote control, they bring up a roster of the team to select their favorite players. Each player's action card appears semi-transparently laid over the current scheduled program. The action cards display the "best of" action sequences from the players' careers in the form of compact animations that comprise up to 10 frames. In addition to the action stuff, these cards also feature the most current statistical information as well as still images and data about their personal lives. Ricky's favorite animation shows Bobby Dunkwell in '96 missing an easy slam dunk shot although he's virtually alone at the end of the court. No way!

Meanwhile, the game has started. Ricky uses the premium service remote control to put up the dynamic scoreboard, DynaBoard, in the upper right corner of the screen for real-time Cannonballs/Speed scoring and foul information. During a break, Ricky's friend uses the DynaBoard to quickly check out another NBA game in progress. Back to the evenly matched game, Ricky asks DynaBoard to display the final score from the last Cannonballs/Speed game alongside the current scores.

Now the game hits a gut-wrenching stretch as the Cannonballs surge ahead. Ricky plays with the Java technology-enabled multi-view feature allowing him to select different camera angles for viewing the game. Does he want to try the overhead cam? Yes, but his friends urge Ricky to switch to the center court cam as the Speed steal the ball. How about the Bobby Dunkwell cam? Ricky's just in time for a close view of the net as Jordan slam dunks the ball. Yo dudes! The Speed are back in the game.

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