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March 2014

bullet Oracle Delivers Java SE Embeded 8
Java SE Embedded 8 has been released introducing a number of new benefits for developer productivity, performance improvements, security features and Compact Profiles, which allow for creation of smaller platforms for embedded devices.

bullet  Java SE Embeded 8 Compact Profiles Overview
Java SE Embedded 8 has been released introducing a new concept of Compact Profiles, which allow for creation of smaller platforms for embedded devices.  This article is an overview of this new feature.

bullet  Java SE Embedded 8 vs Java ME CDC Comparison
Java SE Embedded 8 has been released introducing a number of new benefits for developer for embedded devices.  Java ME CDC technology is Oracle's legacy technology that addressed higher end embedded devices.  This article helps compare the two technologies.

bullet  Java ME CDC to Java SE Embedded 8 Migration Guide
Java ME CDC technology is Oracle's legacy technology that addresses embedded devices that have more than 1MB RAM and 10MB ROM.  Java SE Embedded 8 is a new generation Java Embedded Platform that addresses devices that have about the same amount of resources, but also allows them to access the latest APIs and functionality.  This article helps the legacy Java ME CDC developer migrate their CDC apps to Java SE Embedded 8.

bullet  Java Flight Recorder and Java Mission Control on Java SE Embedded 8
Java SE Embedded 8 introduces a new tool to the Java SE Embedded platform, called Java Mission Control. Users of the legacy desktop tool, JRockit Mission Control, will recognize many of the same features. This particular article focuses on the Java Flight Recorder and various ways you can go about to create a flight recording on Java SE Embedded 8.

February 2014

bullet Oracle Updates Roadmap for Next Generation Java ME Platform
Java ME 8 Specifications Moving Forward Within Java Community Process; Aligns with Java SE 8 for a More Unified Java Embedded Developer Platform and Ecosystem

July 2013

bullet Oracle Delivers New Capabilities for Powering the Internet of Things
Executives and Partners Showcase How Embedded Java Can Help Enable Data-Driven Devices that Provide New Intelligence to Improve Business and User Experiences

bullet SIMCom Selects Oracle Java ME Embedded for new Wireless Module SIM800
Enables customers to simplify the development process, help shorten product time to market, help manage costs and help increase application stability for embedded devices.

bullet ARM and Oracle Announce Plans to Optimize Java SE for Enterprise and Embedded Markets
This agreement reflects the increasing applicability of the combination of ARM and Oracle technology in server and network infrastructure. It also benefits emerging applications in the machine-to-machine (M2M) market, such as industrial control, factory automation and single-board computers, where energy-efficient ARM technology is increasingly being deployed.


Java Technology can be found in a broad spectrum of products across a diverse set of industries that produce anything from RFID readers to parking meters to ATMs to in-flight video systems to POS terminals to wearable systems (just to name a few), in a variety of form factors, footprint sizes, across a large number of hardware and OS platform configurations. We can even build to suit. Listed below are some of our currently licensed customers that have already taken advantage of the power of Java Technology for their embedded devices. Contact us for more information about our Java Embedded products.

Authorized Customers

If your company is a Java SE or Java ME licensee and would like to share your success story please contact us.

Customer Benefits

Java Embedded customers are valued Oracle customers who have gained the rights and benefits of commercially deploying their embedded-use Java product running on top of a fully certified, Java Technology compatible platform licensed from Oracle. Not only are these platforms fully compatible, but also many have also been footprint-reduced to work particularly well on many types of high-end embedded devices.

Becoming a Java Embedded Customer

For information on how to license Oracle Java SE Embedded technology as well as some of the conditions that apply, please see our FAQ. For licensing Oracle Java ME Embedded or for addition information on Oracle Java SE Embedded, contact your local Oracle Sales Office or call +1-800-633-0738.