The Java Warehouse is the repository for applications submitted by developers for distribution in the Java Store. The Java Warehouse is unique in that it facilitates the aggregation, management and distribution of Java applications across all the screens of a customer's life — browser, desktop, mobile, and TV. While Sun manages the desktop-focused Java Store, mobile and TV service providers can use the Java Warehouse to acquire high-quality applications for their existing, privately branded storefronts.

We want to hear from you

We're looking for developers who are willing to talk directly with our team, so we can better understand what works well and what needs to be improved. Send us your contact information, using our easy-to-use feedback form, and we'll get in touch with you.


Visual tools: A visual representation shows you where your app is in the process, while a high-level dashboard lets you manage your app submissions.

Web analytics: Sun will collect information about app usage. Initially, we'll tell you how many people downloaded your app, visited its detail page, are using it, removed it, and how often it is launched.

Discoverability: Sun plans to provide tools for consumers to sort apps by key terms, genre, popularity, and recommendations in upcoming versions of the Java Store.

Built-in libraries: The most popular Java and JavaFX libraries are part of the Java Store, so you don't have to upload them.

Enhancements in the latest release

Improved version control for applications

The newest release of the Java Warehouse makes it even easier to update your application, edit the description, and add or change images for a submitted application. Developers can submit multiple versions of an application. Each version will go through the application verification process separately but the review process for updates to existing apps is shorter than the first review. Only one version can be in the verification process at any moment and only one version can be live on the Java Store. Once an application is approved the developer can choose which version to make live.

You control when an approved version replaces the currently published one. Versions that were already approved can be swapped at any time.

Tighter integration with PayPal (U.S. Developers Only)

We have improved the interaction with PayPal for setting up accounts in order to receive payment for applications sold through the Java Store. The new flow verifies that you are using a verified, business PayPal account during the setup process and simplifies setting up required options on the PayPal account.

Heading: Self-signed applications

To prepare for distributing the Java Store to millions of consumers with the JRE, the Java Warehouse is no longer accepting self-signed applications. All signed applications must be signed with certificates issued by trusted certificate authorities. Developers with self-signed applications currently available in the Java Store have until January 15, 2010, to update their applications. Self-signed applications will be quarantined on January 16, 2010.

Enhanced metrics

We have expanded the information available to developers on how their applications are being used. Previously available information included how many people previewed your app or installed it on a given week. We now offer removes, install errors and run errors to help you monitor the function of your application.

Realistic preview mode while submitting applications

When submitting an app you now have the chance to see the detail page of your application exactly as consumers will see it with the enhanced PH*PH*PH\uFFFDPH*PH*PHShow Store PreviewPH*PH*PH\uFFFDPH*PH*PH. Instead of showing you the information on a webpage we now show you the Java Store in preview mode.

Available in 6 more countries

The Java Warehouse has opened in six new countries. Developers from more countries can now submit applications to the Java Warehouse. Also, you will have complete access to the Java Warehouse to manage your apps while you are traveling in any of the countries on our list. Click here to see the complete list of countries from which the Java Store is now available.

New release of Java Store available to all U.S. consumers

The Java Store Beta, which was available only to U.S. developers while we did extensive testing of the Payment functionality, is now open to all U.S. consumers. The new version has an improved look-and-feel and easier navigation.

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