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Transitioning from Java WSDP to Project GlassFish

At the 2006 JavaOne conference in San Francisco, Sun began delivering on the promise of Project GlassFish. Sun is now offering visibly developed, community-based, open-source implementations of a Java EE 5-compliant application server. This open-source implementation includes open-source implementations of all of component technologies in the Java Web Services Developer Pack. The advantages that Project GlassFish offers to Web services developers are sufficiently substantial to warrant a major transition. namely, that the Java Web Services Developer Pack will no longer be developed as a discrete release vehicle for the Web services and XML technologies that the Java WSDP shares with Project GlassFish.

This transition deprives Web services developers of nothing. Instead, developers can retrieve not only the semi-annual snapshots of Web services and XML technologies that the Java WSDP provided but also those same technologies at the latest (or any previous) state of development needed. Like the Java WSDP, the open-source Java EE 5-compliant application server and any of its component technologies are available freely. And as Project GlassFish components, the Web servces and XML technologies come with consistent licensing that is simpler and more accommodating of a wider range of uses. Over the years of the Java WSDP's availability, developers have frequently expressed the wish for clearer licensing, and Project GlassFish addresses this wish and enables easy adoption.

Moreover, the integration of components that Java WSDP users enjoyed is also a feature of the Project GlassFish milestone builds, so developers can easily make sure they are using the correct technology components in their Web services projects.

The Java WSDP 2.0 currently remains available for download, but perhaps now is the time for developers to make the switch to Project GlassFish for the latest versions of Java Web services and XML technologies.

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