Application Requirements

This is a content checklist for all applications you submit: Click the right-column image to view each dialog box for which you will provide the following information and files.


Note: See the Development Guidelines for more information on writing the application. See Creating Images for tips on creating the images and icons you will need.

Main: Description of application, support, category, packaging, and pricing
Application NameA short name for the application. Application names longer than 30 characters will be truncated.

Short DescriptionShort text that will appear as the description of your application in the pop-up that appears when a user mouses over your application's icon. This text can be no longer than 90 characters.

Full DescriptionEnter a detailed description of your application's functionality, features, and describe what's new in the current version. You should also list requirements or restrictions such as "runs on Windows only." This description is shown on the detail page and can be no longer than 800 characters.

Help Page URLSubmit a help page URL where consumers who have questions or problems with the application can ask for assistance. The URL must point directly to a support page for the application. Users need to be able to easily access a bug reporting form or a support email and be no more than one click away from the supplied support page.

Category*Choose up to 3 categories under which to list your application. Categories include:
  • Do It Yourself
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Games
  • Photography
  • Puzzles
  • Weather
  • Sports
  • Utilities
  • Social Networking

JAR FileYour application may be packaged in multiple JAR files. The warehouse administrators will host the application on a Sun server and will create the appropriate self-contained JAR file for the application.

  • Upload the main JAR file first.
  • The name of the main class should be specified in the JAR manifest.
  • The application can be launched using: java -jar mainjarfile.jar.
  • Do not use any mobile-specific APIs.
  • If you are using Netbeans, use the Common and Desktop profiles (not Mobile).
  • Make sure your application runs in standard mode and in WebStart mode.
  • The maximum size permitted for each JAR file is 500 MB.
  • The application must target either Mac 10.5 or later or Windows XP or later.

Application PriceBefore you can enter a price, you must accept additional terms of use, provide your PayPal account information where you will receive your share of the revenue, and provide sales tax information. Once you have completed these steps, you will have the option of setting prices on the applications you submit. Before you complete these optional steps you will only be able to submit free applications.
  • To set a price for your application, click the Price radio button. The Free radio button is selected by default.
  • To change the price of your application, go to the Developer Dashboard page.
    • Click on the current price or click Free if your application was offered free of charge.
    • Click the Price radio button and enter the price in US dollars in the field provided.
Export Control
Answer these questions from the U.S. Commerce Department Bureau of Industry and Security:
  1. Is your software for military, nuclear, missile, or chemical or biological weaponry use?
  2. Has your software been reviewed and classified by the U.S. Commerce Department Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)?
  3. Does your software perform "cryptography", or otherwise contain any parts or components that are capable of performing "information security" functions that may require prior review and approval by the U.S. Commerce Department Bureau of Industry and Security?
Images: Specifications and types of images required
Desktop IconA square 256x256 pixel PNG file that is used to generate the Desktop Icon if the application is installed by the user.

Catalog IconThe same square PNG file, but in a smaller 64x64 version will be used in the catalog selection of the Java Store and in the MyApps page. This is the first icon of your application that most users will see.

Featured Applications Icon
A 48x48 pixel PNG image (optional) may be needed for Featured applications and a 16x16 pixel PNG image will be used for the status bar.

Splash Image
A 800 pixel wide x 600 pixel tall or smaller PNG file. This file can be of any shape (e.g. circle, kidney shape, triangle, square). When the Store launches your application, a splash screen will be shown while the application loads. If no splash image is provided, the standard JNLP splash-screen will be used. The size of this image should be no more than 50 Kbytes.

ScreenshotsOne to five images that are 255 pixel wide x 170 pixel tall PNG images, to be shown on the detail page of the application. One image is required, the others are optional. The first one will be shown at full size on the detail page; the others as thumbnails until users choose to see them in more detail. The Java Warehouse will generate the thumbnail version of the screenshots from the full size images. If your application has a different aspect ratio, fill the resulting empty spaces with transparent areas.
Details: Miscellaneous version and technical requirements
Version NumberThis allows you to differentiate between different versions of the same application. You can use a maximum of 30 characters.

Version DescriptionA short description that allows you to easily track the changes that were made to a particular version. You can use up to 800 characters.

VM Command Line
Only required if your application takes advantage of the VM Command Line arguments.

Indicate whether the application will run in the Java Sandbox (preferred), or if full access is required by the application. Applications that need to work outside of the sandbox will be subject to much more scrutiny and are more likely to be rejected. We have safe APIs for handling most common tasks without leaving the sandbox. See the developer's help in the warehouse if you have questions on how to convert non-sandbox applications to sandbox only. Applications that need access outside of the Sandbox will trigger security pop-ups on start up in certain systems and must be signed by the developer.

Java ExtensionSelect whether to enable the following Java extensions for your application:
  • Java OpenGL - JOGL extension
  • Java OpenAL Sound3D - JOAL extension
  • Lightweight Java Game Library - LWJGL extension
  • JXTA JXSE - JXTA JXSE Extension

Auto-Publish (default)Your application will be published automatically after it is approved. Deselect the Auto-Publish check-box to control the application's release date and time. When you choose that option, you will be notified by email after the application is approved. You must return the email to publish the application in the Java Store, but you can choose when to do so.

* In a future release, the category list may change. If that occurs you will have the opportunity to change the categories for your application.

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