JavaPhone API

The JavaPhone API is a vertical extension to the PersonalJava platform developed through an open process between Sun Microsystems and key leaders in the telecommunications industry. Combined with the PersonalJava platform, the JavaPhone API provides an ideal environment allowing the safe delivery of dynamic information services on telephony devices.

The API is designed to provide access to the functionality unique to client telephony devices such as wireless smartphones and Internet screenphones. This functionality includes:

  • Direct telephony control
  • Datagram messaging
  • Address book and calendar information
  • User profile access
  • Power monitoring
  • Application installation

The JavaPhone API allows device manufacturers to shorten development cycles and improve the quality of their products through the use of prebuilt software components on a stable deployment platform. The API also broadens the market for content providers by providing portability across a wide number of telephony devices. Finally, the JavaPhone API allows network operators to dynamically deliver new types of applications and value-added services to a variety of telephony devices, lowering operation costs and increasing customer loyalty.

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