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The following instructions and information can help you in application development, in the submission process, and in using the Java Warehouse Developer Portal to manage your application's presence in the storefront. In addition, check the front page for news on technical screencasts and articles.


Application Requirements

Lists the content your application must have to go through submission. It explains the options in the Main, Legal, Imaging, and Details dialog boxes.

Development Guidelines

Describes how to write applications suitable for submission to the storefront. Topics include authoring, performance, interactivity, security, and marketing.

How-To Guidelines

Explains the process of registration and application management. It covers developer registration and application submittal, review, publishing, and removal.

Rights Management

Explains how to use the license rights-management software that is offered to Java Warehouse application developers without charge.


Answers to some three dozen of the most often asked questions about the Java Store, Java Warehouse, and Warehouse Developer Portal.

Release Notes

Captures the known issues and limitations for each release, and provides their bug numbers for your convenience.

Technical Articles and Tips

Technical Tips

A collection of tips on submitting applications to the Java Warehouse repository for the Java Store.

Java Store and License Management

Sun engineering director Octavian Tanase blogs provides sample code in his blog on how to use license management in your Java Store app.

Submitting Apps to the Java Warehouse

Bernard Traversat, Director of Java Store Engineering, shows how easy it is to use the Java Warehouse Developer Portal to publish applications to the Java Store.

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