Java IDL

Java IDL adds CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) capability to the Java platform, providing standards-based interoperability and connectivity. Java IDL enables distributed Web-enabled Java applications to transparently invoke operations on remote network services using the industry standard OMG IDL (Object Management Group Interface Definition Language) and IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol).
Note to CORBA Developers
Java IDL technology is for CORBA programmers who want to program in the Java programming language based on interfaces defined in CORBA Interface Definition Language (IDL). This is "business as usual" CORBA programming, supporting Java technology in exactly the same way as other languages such as C++ or COBOL.
What's New
November 20, 2003
Specifications for CORBA support in J2SE 1.4 Look up the specs with which the J2SE 1.4 ORB complies.
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