Release Notes

Release Notes: Beta Release


Java Warehouse Developer Portal Known Issues and Limitations

IssueDescription / Workaround
3056: Connection timeout when accessing the Java Warehouse.

Description: Trying to access the Java Warehouse can lead to a Connection Timeout error.

Workaround: Refresh the URL and try again.

2492: Testing different versions of the same applications may result in an already installed error.

Description: Create a paid application. Buy it, install it, and launch it in the Store Preview. Create a new version of the same application and try to buy, install and launch it again. An already installed error message is displayed.

Workaround: Clear the Java cache or use the Preview option instead of Buy.

2460: Comment isn't saved without using the Save for Later option.

Description: If an application is resubmitted without a comment, the user receives an error, "Errors prevent submission. Correct the indicated errors before resubmitting".

Workaround: Enter a comment before clicking Submit, otherwise choose Save for Later, re-enter the comment and click Submit.

2443: Developers cannot run more than one Store Preview at once.

Description: If a developer tries to run a second Store Preview without first closing the original instance, the second Store Preview will fail.

Workaround: Run one preview at a time. Close the previous preview instance before running the next one.

2362: Categories for published products are uneditable.

Description: When submitting a new version for a published product, the category field remains uneditable.

Workaround: Use the comment section to ask the Java Warehouse operations team to change the category for the product.

2140: Skipping image entry fields, when entering images during application submission, results in the wrong images being shown in the client.

Description: Screenshots entered out of order (e.g. screenshot 1 and screenshot 5 only) during the submission of an application, the correct images may not be visible in the Java Store client.

Workaround: Submit screenshots in order (e.g. screenshot 1, screenshot 2 and screenshot 3).

2104: Warehouse user name label on the login page is incorrect.

Description: The Warehouse login asks for your Sun Developer Network user name and password, but the user name should be the email address that you used to register with the Java Store.

Workaround: None.

1971: The email sent to a developer whose membership fees were waived contains text requesting payment of membership fees.

Description: The email notifying a developer of his approval to submit applications to the Java Warehouse requests that the membership fee be paid, whether or not the fees were waived.

Workaround: None.

1948: The short description text may be partially obscured, in the developer portal, if the text exceeds the 90 character limit.

Description: If the short description entered for an application exceeds the 90 character limit, the text of the description may be partially obscured when viewed in the Developer Dashboard. The text will be displayed correctly in the Java Store client.

Workaround: None.

1223: Options selected on Code page are not reflected in the application preview until clicking Done or Submit.

Description: During the application submission process, options selected on the Code page do not take effect until you click Done or Submit. If you try to preview the product in Show Store View before clicking Done or Submit, the product will fail to launch.

Workaround: Press Done or Submit on the code page before trying to launch the store preview.

1001: The Submit for Review button becomes active on the Notes page before comments are added.

Description: When including comments with your initial application submission, clicking Submit for Review before sending the comments will submit your application without submitting the comments that you have entered.

Workaround: Click Comments before clicking Submit for Review to include your comment with the submission.


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Java Store Known Issues and Limitations

IssueDescription / Workaround
3181: Unable to install updated version of application

Description: Users cannot update installed aplications.

Workaround: Uninstall the old application and then install the updated version.

3138: Change of cache store location on Windows 7 systems

Description: On Windows 7 systems, the cache store location for this release has changed to the following:
This location is a change from the previous release, which stored the cache store in the following location:
As a result, applications installed with the previous release are not visible in this release, and user settings are lost.

Workaround: None.

3114: Java Store opens the wrong URL if the minimum Java version is not detected for Windows.

Description: When a user's Windows environment has a version of Java below the minimum supported version for Java Store, a dialog box correctly provides the notification of the minimum Java version required, but then the URL opens that does not match the user's platform.

Workaround: Upgrade your version of Java.

3075: Problems with the Launch button under certain circumstances.After a Showcase application is installed or uninstalled, under certain conditions the Launch button might not appear when it should or appear when it should not.

2954: Rating of application might be wrong if the product is already installed.

Description: The rating set by a user for an installed application is not takien into account by the server.

Workaround: None

2924: Error message displayed when trying to launch an application that has already been installed.

Description: When a developer submits an application, the first time Show Store Preview is selected the application launches successfully. However, further attempts to launch the application from the preview screen trigger an error.

Workaround: None.

2836: On some PCs, the Java Store client can utilize a large percentage of the CPU on low-end systems.

Description: Depending on the configuration of Windows environments, the Java Store client can utilize 35-80% of the CPU on low-end systems, even when no content is being actively downloaded. When performing operations, the CPU utilization can rise even higher.

Workaround: None

2756: The Java Store occasionally hangs after a sleep-wake cycle.

Description: If the Java Store client is left open when the computer goes to sleep, it might hang when the computer wakes up.

Workaround: Kill the JavaStore application and relaunch it.

2488: Launching the Java Store fails on a computer that has both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Java VM installed.

Description: When the Java Store is launched on a Windows system with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Java VM installed, the Java Store tries to start, but then an exception occurs and the installation fails.

Workaround: Reinstall the 32-bit version of the Java VM. Relaunch the Java Store.

2461: The Java Store doesn't notify the user of a spending limit when using Simplified Payment.

Description: The user is given an error message from PayPal that their purchase would exceed the Simplified Payment spending limitation.

Workaround: Make the purchase without using Simplified Payment.

2229: An unclear error message is issued when making a purchase, using a Simplified Payment account, with insufficient funds.

Description: Attempting to make a purchase with insufficient funds in your Simplified Payment account results in the following error from PayPal, "Your payment cannot be processed because no instant funding source is available."

Workaround: None.


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Installing the Sun JRE on Ubuntu 8.04

  1. Enable the Multiverse repository.
    1. Click System> Administration> Software Sources
    2. Make sure the Multiversion checkbox is selected.
    3. Click Close.
  2. Download the Sun JRE.
    1. Open the command prompt.
    2. Type sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-plugin.
    3. Follow the installation prompts.
  3. Verify JRE version and source.
    1. At the command prompt, enter: java -version.
    2. At the command prompt, enter: sudo update-java-alternatives -l to see which Java is used. If java-6-sun is not listed, use the command: sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-6-sun
  4. Set up the Java Plugin
    1. Create a symbolic link to /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/i386/ in either the Firefox 3 firefox/plugins directory, or the ~/.mozilla/plugins directory.
    2. Remove any preexisting symbolic links to the library.

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Clearing the Images Cache

If you experience any corrupted or missing images when running the Java Store desktop client, you may have a corrupt image cache. You can fix this by deleting the cache. To delete the cache:

  1. Quit the Java Store desktop client.
  2. Go to the cache directory in one of the following locations on your hard drive:
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\< your user name>\.javastore\cache
    • Windows Vista: C:/Users/< your user name>/AppData/LocalLow/.javastore
    • Windows 7: C:/Users/< your user name>/.javastore
    • Mac: < your home directory>/Library/Application Support/JavaStore/cache
  3. Delete the images directory.
  4. Restart the Java Store desktop client.

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