JSLEE and the JAIN Initiative

The JAIN initiative has defined a set of Java technology APIs that enable the rapid development of Java based next generation communications products and services for the Java platform.
What's New
November/December 2004
jNETx Inc Telecom Feature Server JSR 22 -JAIN SLEE 1.0-compliant

On Dec 10, 2004. the Technology Compatibility Kit results
jNETx published the results of successfully passing all the requirements for JSR 22. jNETx builds a Telecom Feature Server which allows operators to develop, test and run services across the Internet, 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks irrespective of specific underlying network elements or protocols. Congratulations to jNETx for achieving compliance and driving Java further into Communication.
September/October 2004
JSLEE Expert Group meets in Turin
JSR 240 experts met in Turin, Italy, to move JSLEE 1.1 closer to completion. The Expert Group is focused on the Java Standard for Resource Adapter interfaces. Resource Adapters allow the JSLEE platform to communicate to the outside world. By providing a standard for Resource Adapters, legacy networks as well as new emerging next generation 3G and IMS networks may readily converge onto a JSLEE platform. In Turin, the expert group provided further definition for profiles and J2EE integration. The spec leads and the experts are working hard to ready the specification for Public Review.

Lucent, Nortel, BEA, NTTData, Truetel, Net4Call, and Aepona have joined the JSLEE Expert Group
As JSLEE move deeper into Communications, more companies that have a vested interest in Java and Network technologies have joined the JSLEE Expert Group. With Alcatel making early JSLEE announcements, and Network Operators such as Vodafone issuing RFPs and RFIs that include JSLEE, major Network Equipment Providers are making JSLEE product plans for 2005. To insure Network products align with the standard, several NEPs and ISVs have come on board to further drive the specification.
July/August 2004
JSLEE positioned as Telco App Server into 3G/IMS Networks
The next generation of mobile telephony, as defined by 3G standards body in Europe, and 3GPP standards in N America, architect a hybrid network called IP Multimedia Subdomain (IMS). As it's name implies, the IMS infrastructure is based on IP technologies and leverages the work done in the IETF with SIP and RTP. Several JSLEE companies are targeting JSLEE as the platform of choice for IMS network elements - the application server, the call session control functions, the gateways, etc. Because JSLEE offers a extremely flexible standard for building and deploying services, as well as straightforward adaptation to existing Networks, Network Operators are realizing the advantages of a JSLEE for IMS to new revenue generating services. JSLEE has been involved with several IMS trials which position the platform for roll outs and deployments in 2005.
June 2004
2004 JavaOne Conference: June 28th - July 1st, San Francisco, California
Stop by the JSLEE booth and check out the JSLEE SIP demo from the Japanese team. Specification Leads Swee Lim and David Ferry will be speaking on JSLEE - An Event-Driven Container

Sun and Vodafone will run the session on JSLEE and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM platform): Exposing Core Network Capabilities Technical

Nokia, Sun, and Seimens will be presenting Server APIs for Mobile Servers (JSR 212).
May 2004
Very interesting and positive results presented at the JAIN Tech Day in Dallas on May 26th by Open Cloud and jNETx. Their presentations, along with the rest of the JAIN Presentations can be downloaded at: https://communications.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentList.
April 2004
JAIN Technology Day in Tokyo
With a standing room only attendance, several enterprise based companies filled more than half the room.

Excellent sessions and speakers included the NEC, Open Cloud, BEA, and JAIN SLEE/JAIN SIP were demonstrated showing applications in identity, VoIP, video conference, and messaging.

JSR 240 Open for Experts
With industry backing, Sun and Open Cloud have issued the next revision of the JAIN SLEE JSR that will standardize JSLEE Resource Adaptor technology. JSR 240 has successfully passed the JSR review ballot. This is the last call by the spec leads to join the expert group.

Open Cloud first to release JAIN SLEE compliant product Open Cloud is the first to certify their Rhino platform to be JAIN SLEE compliant. Shortly after the final release of JSR 22: JSLEE, Open Cloud published the results of testing the Technology Compatibility Kit against their Rhino product. All the tests passed with no errors.

JAIN April Newsletter
March 2004
JAIN and Java in Communication
New JAIN white paper describing the key work of the JAIN community, and exploring how it relates to the bigger picture of Java in the communications industry.
February 2004
JAIN Service Logic Execution Environment (JSLEE) achieves Final Release!
The JSLEE 1.0 specification is available at http://jcp.org/aboutJava/communityprocess/final/jsr022/index.html . JSLEE is an event-driven component-based container technology, designed for high performance, asynchronous, fault tolerant application servers. The JSLEE 1.0 RI can be obtained from here. The JSLEE 1.0 TCK can be obtained from http://jainslee.org.

JAIN February Newsletter
JAIN Technology Day in Munich , looks closely at JSLEE
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