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What is headline syndication?

Commonly web sites that publish new content on a regular basis provide a list of news headline style links to their latest content. In addition to displaying these headlines on their own web sites, it is very common for publishers to make them available for syndication using RSS (a dialect of XML) or "Really Simple Syndication", so that other web sites or newsreaders can also include their headlines. Headline syndication does not deal with the full text of articles.

How do I get content delivered to my desktop?

RSS news feeds can be read by a variety of desktop newsreaders. Your first step is to get a desktop newsreader that will read RSS feeds. Then look for the XML logo on our site. Clicking on it will take you to the feed for that particular page. Then you can cut and paste the URL into your application.

How do I syndicate content onto my site?

Sun offers the content for syndication in RSS 0.91 (a dialect of XML) format. For further details on using the RSS file, please refer to the instructions below.

What content is available?

A selection of developer-related categories is available for your site. For a larger selection of categories, please contact us about the Content Syndication Content Licensing.

Can I choose the number of headlines I want to syndicate?

Yes, see implementation RSS instructions below for details.


Who do I contact for questions or comments?

We want to hear from you! If you would like to see changes, additions, or modifications to our program,or just want to tell us how you are using our headlines, please email us at

RSS Instructions

  1. Choose the feed you wish to syndicate

  2. Customize the URL of the RSS .91 file by inputting your company name (PARTNER) and the number of headlines (#ITEMS) in each category you would like to display. Sample Structure:

    For example, if company XYZ wants to syndicate 5 headlines from the wireless highlights category, they would edit the URL to the following:

  3. Now you can use a desktop newsreader to display headlines to your desktop or you can write or customize a tool that fetches the XML to display the feed on your own website on a regular schedule with no human intervention. Such tools can be written in any language: such as java, perl, c, or php.

RSS and XML Resources

Content Licensing

The Sun Developer Network Content Syndication Program offers full content licensing of quality developer content, including tutorials, tips, and articles. Build your developer community by including quality, up to date content. Review our data sheet or contact us at for additional information.

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