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blueMarine: Or Why You Should Really Ship Swing Applications

Presenter: Fabrizio Giudici, Tidalwave s.a.s.

In the last two years, we've seen increasing efforts by Sun to revamp Java technology on the desktop in what somebody has called the "Swing Renaissance." Most of the performance issues have been solved; we now have many more components, thanks to SwingLabs and third-party projects; we have better look-and-feels; and last but not least, gurus such as Romain Guy have been demonstrating how to build cool and effective graphical user interfaces with Swing. It's high time to apply the lessons learned to some real products.

This presentation introduces the blueMarine project, an open-source desktop application that supports the photographic workflow. It supports cataloging, creation of galleries, publishing, and different ways to geotag photos against a 2-D map or 3-D representation of the world implemented with NASA World Wind. The design of blueMarine follows best practices for the creation of a "filthy rich client," from animations to the use of Java OpenGL (JOGL), and takes advantage of the rich framework delivered by the NetBeans IDE rich client platform (RCP). The presentation demonstrates some of the advanced sections of the blueMarine user interface and quickly explains the components used behind it--most of them have been explicitly designed to integrate with the RCP APIs of the NetBeans IDE and are available as a separate download to be easily reusable for developing other applications.

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