Java Card Technology for Smart Cards: Architecture and Programmer's Guide


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Technology for Smart Cards: Architecture and Programmer's Guide

Introduction | Chapter 3, Java Card Technology Overview | Chapter 9, Applet Firewall and Object Sharing



The JDC is pleased to present two chapters from Java Card Technology for Smart Cards: Architecture and Programmer's Guide published by Addison Wesley, June 2000.


About the Book

Java Card technology provides a secure, vendor-independent, ubiquitous Java platform for smart cards and other memory constrained devices. It opens the smart card marketplace to third-party application development and enables programmers to develop smart applications for a wide variety of vendors' products.

This book is the comprehensive guide to developing applications with Java Card technology. It introduces the Java Card platform and features detailed discussions of programming concepts. It also provides a step-by-step Java Card applet development guide to get you up and running.

You'll find the following specific topics are covered in the book:

  • Smart card basics
  • Java Card virtual machine
  • Persistent and transient objects
  • Atomicity and transactions
  • Handling APDUs
  • Applet firewall and object sharing
  • Java Card platform security
  • A step-by-step applet development guide
  • Applet optimization guidelines
  • A comprehensive reference to Java Card APIs

About the Chapters

Chapter 3 gives an overview of Java Card technology--the system architecture and its components.

In the Java Card platform, applet isolation is achieved through the applet firewall mechanism. Chapter 9 explains the behavior of objects, exceptions, and applets under the control of the applet firewall and discusses how applets can safely share data using object sharing mechanism.

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About the Author

Zhiqun Chen a staff engineer in the Java Card engineering team at Sun Microsystems, Inc., developed Sun's Java Card virtual machine reference implementation. She was a key contributor to the design and implementation of the Java Card APIs and has extensive experience in developing smart card applications. Zhiqun holds a M.S. in computer science from Stanford University and a B.S. in physics from the U Java Online Support.

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