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Established in 1998, Feitian Technologies is a leading innovator of smart card and chip operating system (COS) based technologies and applications. With over-10-year experience in development of smart card COS and applications, Feitian provides security solutions and products of quality to customers worldwide in ID & security, copyright protection, and electronic payment related fields. Our customers include governments, banks, and electronic payment solution providers. We have supplied millions of security product units to some of the world’s largest banks by far. We have more than 50 bank customers in China. Now Feitian is a member of some industrial organizations, such as Global Platform and OATH.

Feitian Java Card is a portable, scalable, flexible, customizable, and low resource demanding standard platform. It is compliant with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit smart card chips. It is provided with an easy-to-use IDE which can allow developers to debug at source code level. Feitian Java Card platform supports various popular contact and contactless smart card chips from well-known suppliers in the industry. We strive to make all smart cards to operate with a Java Card COS inside. Feitian Java Card platform can be used with the smart card chip that meets customer requirements best, thus providing customers with most cost-effective Java Card products. In addition, a flexible business cooperation model can be created by providing Java Card modules to chip suppliers on a license basis. & related fields.