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Java TM 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition
Documentation Bundle

Version 1.2.1
May 2000





Don't Know Where To Start?

  1. After you've downloaded the software bundle, be sure to follow the steps in the Installation Instructions.


  2. Read the Release Notes. This document will tell you what's included with the J2EE SDK and what software you should already have on your system. If you've used the previous version of the J2EE SDK, you should read the section What's New in This Release.


  3. Learn how to create, deploy, and run a simple client/server application that uses a session bean. The Getting Started chapter of the Java TM 2 Enterprise Edition Developer's Guide provides step-by-step instructions.


  4. Check out the enterprise bean Code Examples included in this release.

Need More Information?

  • On our web site, you can find out the latest news at the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition home page.


  • For a list of related documents, see the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition documentation page.

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