J2EE Management Specification Overview

J2EE Management EJB Component (MEJB)
Configuration Information
J2EE Management EJB Component (MEJB)
The J2EE Management specification (JSR 077) includes standard mappings of the model to the Common Information Model (CIM), to an SNMP Management Information Base (MIB), and to the Java object model through a server resident Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) component, known as the J2EE Management EJB Component (MEJB). The MEJB provides interoperable remote access to the model from any standard J2EE application.

The J2EE Management Reference Implementation, Version 1.0 integrates the J2EE management functionality proposed by JSR 077 into the Sun ONE Studio 3.0, Community Edition product using the Open API model provided by Netbeans/Sun ONE Studio.

This release supports the Solaris/SPARC, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, and Red Hat Linux platforms.
Configuration Information
The J2EE Management RI software requires either Windows NT 4.0; Windows 2000; Solaris 2.7 or 2.8; or Red Hat Linux 6.2.

This release has been tested with J2SE 1.3.1_02 and higher.

The software must be installed on a system with a minimum of 256 MB of memory (RAM) and a minimum of 128 MB of hard disk space.

Please see the details on system requirements.

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