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ObjectWeb is a not-for-profit consortium of individuals, leading companies and research organizations from around the world who have joined forces to produce next generation of Open Source Middleware. ObjectWeb's goal is to provide professional users with independent solutions which combine quality and robustness at the best possible performance/cost ratio. ObjectWeb targets alternative solutions to proprietary products for e-business, EAI, data connectivity, grid computing, and enterprise messaging. Based on Open Standards, ObjectWeb's middleware includes application servers, components, frameworks and tools. Examples of ObjectWeb's "cost killer" middleware are JOnAS - an Open Source implementation of the J2EE specification, Enhydra - a Java/XML Application Server, and Lomboz - an Eclipse plug-in to ease development of J2EE applications. Founded in 2002 by Bull, France Telecom and INRIA, ObjectWeb is legally hosted by INRIA.

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