JavaMail API Release 1.1.3


JavaMail 1.1.3 Release

(Feb 22, 2000)

The JavaMail API provides a set of abstract classes that model a mail system. The API provides a platform independent and protocol independent framework to build Java technology-based mail and messaging applications. The JavaMail API is implemented as a Java platform standard extension. Sun provides a royalty-free reference implementation, in binary form, that developers will be able to use and ship.

This release provides the JavaMail 1.1.3 implementation. It includes implementations of the core JavaMail API packages as well as implementations of the IMAP and SMTP service providers. (A POP3 service provider is available separately.) This release includes the source code for many demo programs that illustrate the use of the JavaMail API, as well as the JavaMail API specification that explains the use of the JavaMail API. All these items are included in the single download package.

Please see the CHANGES.txt file for changes made since the last release.

NOTE: You will also need the JavaBeans TM Activation Framework extension or JAF (javax.activation).

Download JavaMail API Implementation Version 1.1.3




POP3 Provider 1.1.1 Release

(February 22, 2000)

The POP3 Provider implements a JavaMail interface to a POP3 service.

POP3 Provider

Comments or Questions?

If you have comments or feedback on the JavaMail API, please send them to

We maintain a "javamail-interest" discussion list for online discussions about the JavaMail API.


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