BenQ - A New Leader in Java ME


BenQ Logo On October 1, 2005, Siemens Mobile Devices, a division in Siemens AG, officially became a new business group of BenQ Corporation. This transition completed BenQ's June announcement to acquire the Siemens Mobile business unit. BenQ is one of the world's top producers of digital displays, mobile phones, scanners and keyboards, and also a technology leader in digital projectors, storage devices, wireless technologies, and electronic components. BenQ employs over 14,000 people in forty-five offices worldwide and has revenue of $5.1B US. The Mobile business unit will keep its headquarters in Munich, Germany.

BenQ Mobiles employ over 7,000 people worldwide entirely dedicated to the development, sales, and marketing of wireless communications devices. With an estimated 5.2% combined global market share in mobile products, BenQ Mobile is the 6th largest player in the space.

The BenQ Mobile team has been dedicated to the development and deployment of the Java ME platform since the Micro Edition's inception in 1999. BenQ deploys tens of millions of Java technology enabled handsets per year. As a result of the transition, BenQ is now the 3rd largest contributor of Java ME technology behind Sun Microsystems and Nokia. Because of the acquisition, 9 of 11 existing JSRs will transition from Siemens to BenQ. The lists below shows which JSRs are moving to BenQ and which ones will be maintained by Siemens.

JSRs Moving to BenQ

  • 120: Wireless Messaging API
  • 205: Wireless Messaging API 2.0
  • 229: Payment API
  • 230: Data Sync API
  • 246: Device Management API
  • 253: Mobile Telephony API
  • 259: Ad Hoc Networking API
  • 266: Unified Message Box Access API
  • 281: MS Services API

JSRs Maintained by Siemens

  • 195: Information Module Profile
  • 228: Information Module Profile - Next Generation

In addition to specification leadership, Siemens Mobile was an active participant in multiple other JSRs. These Expert Group members, now part of BenQ Mobile, will remain active contributors in the following JSRs: 248, 249, 271, 258, 232, and 233. As new JSRs are filed, don't be surprised if BenQ is on many of these EGs.

With the upcoming Java Community Process elections, BenQ will undoubtedly run for one of the open seats. With its expansive experience and dedication to the development and leadership of the Java ME platform, BenQ is an ideal candidate for JCP ME Executive Committee.

Due to the acquisition of Siemens Mobile, BenQ has become an instant leader in the Java ME community. Any questions or concerns regarding this transition should be directed to Calinel Pasteanu at BenQ Mobile ( or Read the press release...