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Eric Arseneau on Project Squawk
Sun Labs Investigator Eric Arseneau rhapsodizes about his love for resource-constrained machines and making Java work on really, really small devices.
Java TV Releases
The Java TV team has released the Java TV API TCK 1.1.1, and its Reference Implementation and TCK Configuration Kit for Blu-ray Disc (BDCK) 1.1. The releases are available at the Java Partner website.
Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2_01 for CLDC
The Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2_01 for CLDC is a Security Update. It corrects vulnerabilities in earlier versions of the toolkit that might allow an untrusted application to execute arbitrary code.
Java Card 3.0.1 Early Access DevKit/TCK
Early Access to the developer kit and compatibility kit became available to licensees recently, with a comprehensive set of new features and improvements.
Charles Nutter Discusses JVM Language Summit
JRuby core developer Charlie Nutter gives his views on the first annual JVM Language Summit.
Project Darkstar Interview With David Jurgens
David Jurgens, a graduate student at UCLA and intern developer with the Project Darkstar team, tells us why he thinks the Darkstar development platform is one of the most unique projects that he's ever worked on.
Java ME Fuels Mobile Millennium
Researchers have launched a traffic-monitoring system that combines GPS data from cell phones with data from existing traffic sensors, and it uses Java ME. Mobile Millennium is a partnership between Nokia, NAVTEQ, and UC Berkeley.
NetBeans IDE 6.5 Now Available!
Simplify development and leverage the power of JavaFX with Sun's award-winning open-source IDE, NetBeans 6.5. It supports JavaFX Script as well as other web-development technologies.
Unified Javadocs for Blu-ray Disc APIs
Through a joint effort of Sun, the DVB-MUG group, and the Blu-ray Disc Association, developers can get source-code stub packages for the APIs from the specification-owning organizations, and create a combined and hyperlinked JavaDoc.
Asynchronous Communications with Java ME and SIP: Part 2
In this Tech Tip, Bruce Hopkins uses a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) proxy and the REGISTER method type to provide a simple, yet scalable solution for sending messages asynchronously from one application to the other, when one SIP device is behind a firewall.
Report from Africa: Regional Challenges and Opportunities for Java ME
This article describes the opportunity and challenges of developing mobile services in a huge emerging market: Africa. An FM Radio Reference MIDlet from Nokia demonstrates user-centric design.
Using Java ME and Bluetooth to Parse GPS Data and Render a Map
Part 2 of Bruce Hopkins' series explains how to use Java ME's Bluetooth API (JSR 82) and XML Parsing/Web Services API (JSR 172) to get GPS data and render a map image. Source code included.
New Releases!
Fall has been a busy time at Sun, with the following new releases available for download:
  • Java ME SDK 3.0 Early Access version is available. It supports CLDC, CDC, and Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J) development. Emulation is a major focus: on-device deployment, on-device debugging, and integration with devices running Windows Mobile and with third-party emulators.
  • JT Harness 4.1.4 and ME Framework 1.2.1 were delivered to the open source community. The Commercial versions are also available for use in TCKs and by customers who request it.
For Java Partners
  • Java Card Specification, Early Access version 3.0.1 is now available for download from the Java Partner website.
  • Java TV API TCK Configuration Kit for Blu-ray Disc (BDCK) 1.0 is now available. The setup contains a BD-ROM image for the client side (Player) and a set of configuration files for the server side (JavaTest), which allow licensees to quickly set and run the Java TV API TCK on software or hardware players with networking support.
  • Java Device Test Suite (JDTS) 2.2 provides new features such as test selection and reporting by device feature and by failure severity, improved test run management, a new fine-grained logging system, and the ability to add multiple configurable emulators.
  • JDTS Admin Template Management Tool (ATMT) Early Access release is now available. Its purpose is to organize templates into parent-child structures and facilitate template synchronization after installing JDTS update releases.
Java ME SDK 3.0 Early Access
An Early Access release of the new Java Platform Micro Edition Software Development Kit 3.0 is available for download. This SDK supports CLDC, CDC, and Blu-ray Disc Java (BDJ) development. Emulation is a major focus: on-device deployment, on-device debugging, integration with devices running Windows Mobile and integration with third-party emulators are just a few of the new features in this preview.
The LightWeight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT): An Introduction
LWUIT is a versatile and compact API for creating mobile user interfaces. This tutorial will get you started creating LWUIT applications for mobile platforms. You may also want to watch Ed Ort's interview with engineering manager Yoav Barel.
Blu-ray Disc Application Development
Developer Bruce Hopkins walks you through a complete working example of how to a create BD-J application that works on any Blu-ray disc player, using Java ME, with part 2 to follow.
Using JavaScript Object Notation in Java ME for Data Interchange
In this code-rich article, mobility technologist C. Enrique Ortiz introduces the lightweight JSON Java ME APIs as an alternative to XML.
September Is Java Month in Brazil
From September 10th till September 30th, Brazil hosts Java conferences in 14 different cities, giving the comunity hours of deep technical content.
Java ME Makeovers
Danny Coward, Chief Architect of Sun's Client Software (Java SE, Java ME, and JavaFX), calls the Java ME Lightweight UI Toolkit (LWUIT) one of his top 10 rich client technologies for adding finish to a mobile app.
Call for Papers
The second Mobile, Media & Embedded Developer Days event will be hosted at Sun's Santa Clara Auditorium, November 12-13, 2008. The Call for Papers began on August 12 and ends on September 15, 2008.
Java ME Technology: Everything a Developer Needs for the Mobile Market
This overview looks at the economics, cost of entry, and learning curve in using Java ME to penetrate the mobile market. It introduces the JSRs included in the MSA standard.
Mobile Service Architecture 2¬óComing Your Way
MSA2's Public Review phase is coming soon. Here's an opportunity to review the various JSRs planned for inclusion in its Limited, Subset, and Full versions.
Teaching Mobile Computing to Generation C
Java Champion Qusay Mahmoud discusses ways to integrate mobile devices into the computer science curriculum -- and incur the gratitude of students.
Reading Wireless Serial Port Data
In this multi-part series, Bruce Hopkins describes how to run and debug Java ME Bluetooth applications (using JSR 82) on your desktop computer, and how to read data from a Bluetooth-enabled GPS device.'s John Allen on Interactive Television
Sun's Jennifer Yonemitsu interviews CEO John Allen to discuss the Java ME-based client platform for IPTV set-top boxes, using Sun's Java technology-based media client and's middleware/SDK.
Sun SPOT User Videos on YouTube
As Roger Mieke, Sun Labs director of operations, points out in a recent blog, there is a wealth of YouTube videos posted by those wacky Sun SPOT users.
Introduction to NFC and Contactless Communication
C. Enrique Ortiz explores Near-field Communication (NFC), very short-range radio technology, here applied to mobile handsets via the Contactless Communication API (JSR 257).
Lightweight UI Toolkit
The Lightweight UI Toolkit simplifies the creation of compelling UI's that will look and behave the same on all devices. A new version was recently released.
Project SailFin and Ericsson Application Competition
Create or enhance an IMS client-server application for a chance to win USD $5,000 or a Sony Ericsson phone.
Center for Mobile Education Research
The University of Guelph's Centre for Mobile Education Research held a Faculty Summit conference on mobile devices in computer science education. SDN staff writer Richard Marejka spoke on the Java ME platform.
Perst Lite and ProScout Example MIDlet
McObject has released Perst Lite version 3.0, a major upgrade of its open source, object-oriented embedded database system for Java ME.
Sony Ericsson's K850i
Christopher David of Sony Ericsson is interviewed on the K850i mobile device, which is based on Java ME technology.
The Bluetooth Conundrum
SDN staff writer Richard Marejka provides the required code to programmatically detect the presence of the JSR 82 Bluetooth APIs.
Comparing Mobile Platforms: Java ME and Adobe Flash Lite
Bruce Hopkins compares the strengths and weaknesses of each platform in six significant categories: graphics, multimedia, local device accessibility, security, network connectivity, and miscellany.
Java ME Author Knudsen Interview
SDN staff writer Ed Ort interviews Java ME expert and technology author Jonathan Knudsen,--whose latest book is "Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA," at the 2008 JavaOne Conference.
Motorola -- Mobile Evolution, Innovation, and Opportunity
At the 2008 JavaOne Conference's May 8 general session, Christy Wyatt of Motorola, Inc. explored their many initiatives to provide an optimal road map for the mobile space.
UIQ 3 Java ME Whitepaper
The UIQ Developer Community portal offers this whitepaper with tips and best practices for developing on the Java ME platform for UIQ3.
Intel: Exploring Innovation Through Software
Intel's Douglas Fisher discusses Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) powered by the Intel Centrino Atom processor with Sun's Jeet Kaul, vice president of Client Business Group.
Catching Up through the Daily Prompt
If you couldn't make it to the 2008 JavaOne Conference, you can read through Bob Eckstein's series of Daily Prompts for his off-the-cuff comments and highlights.
New Gaming Experiences With Mobile Sensor API
Erik Hellman, a Java techonology consultant in Sweden, uses a game scenario to tout the winning qualities of the Mobile Sensor API.
Java-Centricity: Leveraging Java Technology at the Hub of your Digital Life
At the General Session on May 6, 1:00 p.m., Sun Microsystems Chief Technology Officer (Software) Robert Brewin looks at how developers can leverage innovative technology built into and on the Java platform to create blended experiences across their multiple screens.
Asynchronous Communications with Java ME and SIP: Part I
In this tech tip. Bruce Hopkins shows two MIDlets that employ the SIP protocol and JSR 180 API ( part of the MSA standard) to communicate asynchronously, complete with source code.
JT Harness 4.1.3 Milestone Release
The JT Harness 4.1.3 milestone release includes functionality supporting JUnit tests and test suites, plus numerous bug fixes. It provides complete backwards compatibility with previous releases of JT Harness, under GPLv 2 with Classpath Exception.
The Sina Web Portal
Sina has become the most significant Internet brand among Chinese people, in part due to its excellent service backed by Sun technology -- over 450 million peak daily hits.
Java Card 3.0 Specification Available
This new release features a significantly enhanced execution environment, a new virtual machine, and new network-oriented features.
Programming Using the OpenSource Java ME phoneME Stack
From St. Petersburg, SDN staff writer Janice Heiss covers Terrence Barr's Java ME presentation at the Sun Tech Days event in Russia.
Using Filters With the Java ME Device Matrix
When you want to know what devices support a specific set of Java ME technologies, use the Software Filter to search the Java ME Device Matrix. This tech tip explains how to set multiple filters.
JXTA for MIDP 2.0
In this Deep Dive Session, JXTA project architect Mohamed Abdelaziz discusses JXTA, a network protocol for peer-to-peer communication, and demonstrates how JXTA for MIDP 2.0 allows handheld devices to participate as first class devices in a JXTA network. » Download JXTA for Java ME
Location-Based Services Challenge
Almost $3 million in cash and data licenses is up for grabs at this year's NAVTEQ Global LBS Challege-APAC. If you have an idea for an LBS application that works with mobile or wireless devices using dynamic positioning technology and NAVTEQ maps, or have an existing non-commercial LBS application, register before the extended March 7 deadline. You will have until March 28, 2008 to submit your application.
Mobile Developer Certification Programs
Sign up for the hands-on course Developing Mobile Phone Applications With Java ME Technology on using CLDC, MIDP, and Java ME. The Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (SCMAD) exam is for developers who create mobile applications using Java ME technologies for smart devices.
C|Net Names OpenOffice Top Download for 2007
C|NET offers its list of Top 5 Downloads of 2007 and names Sun's open-source, free office suite Open Office as number 1.
Get the NetBeans 6.0.1 Release
The newly released NetBeans IDE 6.0.1 is available for download from the NetBeans Beta Update Center. Read the Change List for more details.
Mobile & Embedded Developer Days Recap
Some 200 Java developers and Sun employees attended the first Mobile & Embedded Developers Days, while a live video stream with IRC chat allowed worldwide participation. Read blogs from Terrence Barr and Christine Dorffi
Using Subversion, NetBeans IDE, and Sun Java System Web Server With Java ME
This technical article offers Java ME developers suggestions on how to add support for source-code management and application deployment.
Foote on Blu-ray Disc Java
In this video interview, Sun's Blu-ray Disc Java (BDJ) architect Bill Foote talks about this powerful technology and shows some examples of BDJ code and applications. » Download the code
Quiz: How MSA-Savvy Are You?
Test your MSA knowledge by taking this quiz, put together by SDN staff writer Richard Marejka.
Registration Is Now Open for the 2008 JavaOne(SM) Conference!
Join us for the 13th annual JavaOne conference May 6-9, 2008, at The Moscone Center in San Francisco. Register today and save $200. Use priority code J8ROIC.
Poster Sessions at Mobile & Embedded Developer Days
These are low-cost mechanisms to communicate information to MEDD attendees on January 23-24 at the Sun Santa Clara campus. Submitted posters will be posted, and several interactive poster sessions are scheduled.
Creating JavaME Games with GameBuilder
Use Java ME, NetBeans Mobility Pack 6.0, and the Game Builder tool to create your own games. This wiki provides instructions and links to the necessary software.
JavaME M-Kanji-SuDoKu Game
Always wanted SuDoKu at your fingertips, on your cell phone? The M-Kanji-SuDoKu game can run on mobile devices that support Java ME CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0.